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GTFP 1300 H1
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8 / 30
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Foreign Policy Association
The Kentucky Network (KET)
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50 years of Great Decisions

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#1301 International Trade
International trade has transformed the way we live. Supporters of free trade say it creates the greatest amount of wealth for the highest number of people, fostering growth and lifting nations out of poverty. Opponents say free trade eliminates jobs at home and makes the country vulnerable.
(Originally #802)

# 1302 China’s Maritime Build-Up
China is building up its maritime presence, investing heavily in its Navy, and ambitiously advancing territorial claims in the South and East China seas. Does this maritime expansionism indicate a more aggressive foreign policy or is it simply the next logical step in China’s growth?
(Originally #803)

#1303 The Geopolitics of Oil
After decades of relative stability, the U.S. energy revolution is beginning to shift the dynamics of the energy market. Once dependent on the Middle East for much of its energy, the U.S. is now producing more of its own—potentially freeing America to pursue a new foreign policy in the region.
(Originally #805)

#1304 Nuclear Security
The nuclear status quo is changing. Nine nations are declared nuclear powers—and non-state actors are upending cold war era strategy. How can leaders stop countries from acquiring nuclear weapons, keep nuclear materials out of the hands of non-state actors and protect nuclear facilities from potential terrorist attacks?
(Originally #806)

#1305 Afghanistan
U.S. troops have been in Afghanistan for over 15 years—making it the longest war in American history. As Washington and NATO pivot away from Afghanistan by reducing troop numbers, the ability of the government and security forces to maintain stability will be tested.
(Originally #807)

#1306 The Media and Foreign Policy
The US has thrived on its vibrant and free press since the Founding Fathers first put the concept into law in the Bill of Rights as an important, independent check on power. Now “fake news” has entered the zeitgeist. Social media is proving to be a double-edged sword - undermining the integrity of the free press. What’s next for media and the free press?
(Originally #904)

#1307 War Powers: Congress and the President
The Constitution of the United States divides oversight of the military between the executive and legislative branches. However, since the September 11th attacks, three consecutive presidents have pushed the limits of their ability to use military force – and Congress has done little to stop them. What is Congress’ responsibility to oversee the use of force?
(Originally #1010)

#1308 America’s Diplomats
Great Decisions takes a look into what diplomats on the ground around the world do for the United States and how it impacts those of us at home.
(Originally #1011)

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