GLOBE SCHOLARS: South Korea – 100 series

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GSSK 0100H1
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3 / 30
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PiÑeApple Produxns LLC
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Students from Brooklyn College's Study Abroad in South Korea program are documented by EMMY® award winning multi media journalist -Tinabeth Piña - as they not only learn about Korea’s history, religion and culture while studying in Seoul and Busan - but they also produce mini docs about their experience - as a course requirement.

#101 Part 1
The first episode starts stateside and introduces you to students on campus at Brooklyn College in New York and documents them as they prepare for their study abroad trip to Korea. Cameras follow as 4 groups of students start their assignments - producing a short documentary comparing something in the United States to something in Korea. The episodes follows them to Seoul where they meet Korean college students who will not only help them with their assignments, but take part in their adventure of a lifetime!

#102 Part 2
In this episode - viewers are re-introduced to students from Brooklyn College during their study abroad trip to South Korea. They are documented during their travels thru Seoul & Busan as they work feverishly to finish up their mini documentary assignments. The episode also features the students visiting MBC television studios where they not only meet Kpop stars but learn about tv production; visit a Korean temple stay and learn about Buddhism and so much more.

#103 Part 3
In this final episode of the 3 episode Korea arc -viewers finally get to watch the short docs the students produced during their study abroad trip that compares something in Korea to something in the USA.

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