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Every week our viewers travel with us across the world to unusual locations where we visit beautiful, one-of-a-kind gardens. From ingenious tips to inspired plant combinations and landscape designs to abundant vegetable, flower and container gardens, GardenSMART packs every show with advice from experts. Plus an added benefit: Plenty of eye candy for the travel lovers in our audience.

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#6501 Containers Can Be Used Many Places Inside And Outside
A well-made container lasts for years and provides interest and excitement indoors or out. GardenSMART visits a container designer who uses his home as a kind of showroom. Good ideas and a pretty show. Be sure to tune in.

#6502 Where To Start If Planning Or Updating Your Garden
Planning or installing a new garden can be daunting. Where should we begin? GardenSMART visits with an expert who walks us through his thought process for this important step. Be sure to tune in; a lot to learn.

#6503 Creating Intimate Spaces Within Your Garden
No matter the size of your garden there are ways to make it more interesting and intimate. GardenSMART visits with an expert who has some great tips for creating little garden venues. Tune in, we think you’ll enjoy the experience as we GardenSMART.

#6504 Changing The Look Of Your Front Yard
Whether buying a new home or updating the look of an older one there comes a time for change. Where to start? What to do? Tune in as we GardenSMART and tackle a front yard makeover.

#6505 Choosing Plants For Interest
So many plants, so many choices. Where to begin? Join us as we GardenSMART and totally change the look of a front yard. We enjoyed the process; think you will too.

#6506 A Good Design Requires More Than Plants
Accent pieces can really turn a landscape into something special, something memorable. Tune in as we GardenSMART and transform a front yard into a welcoming, warm place for the family and neighbors.

#6507 Some Of Eric’s Favorite Tools
The tools we use to garden is a topic we don’t discuss nearly enough. There are so many new, improved tools and many old favorites that make gardening so much easier. Tune in as GardenSMART works with some of our favorite tools and accessories.

#6508 Assessing Your Garden Space
When changing your garden it’s important to assess your space. Once that’s done, then address site preparation. Following these steps before planting should make the process go more smoothly. GardenSMART visits with an expert who walks us through the steps he’s taken and we think there is a lot to learn. A great show, be sure to tune in.

#6509 Planting
There are planting tips that many of us may not have considered. GardenSMART visits with an expert that shows us several of his ideas. They make a lot of sense and add to the look of the garden. Join us as we GardenSMART.

#6510 Managing Deer
The deer population is exploding in this country, to the point where it’s often difficult to maintain a garden, even in the suburbs. How can we best deal with deer? A good question and one we frequently hear. Join us as we GardenSMART and talk about deer.

#6511 Plants Ideal For Containers
GardenSMART visits with a container gardening expert. She’s spent years experimenting to see which plants perform best in containers. Her results are impressive; be sure to tune in as we GardenSMART.

#6512 Plan Your Garden For All Seasons
There is plenty to show off in our gardens during fall and winter. It just takes a little planning. GardenSMART visits with an accomplished horticulturist who shows us his gardening tips for these oftentimes bleak months. Be sure to tune in. We think you’ll enjoy the show, we enjoyed producing it.

#6513 Sustainability And Beauty Can Go Hand In Hand
A sustainable garden can be cost effective; It can help us do more with less and still be beautiful. GardenSMART visits a garden that has been doing just that since 1977. A lot to learn, join us as we GardenSMART.

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