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Every week our viewers travel with us across the world to unusual locations where we visit beautiful, one-of-a-kind gardens. From ingenious tips to inspired plant combinations and landscape designs to abundant vegetable, flower and container gardens, GardenSMART packs every show with advice from experts. Plus an added benefit: Plenty of eye candy for the travel lovers in our audience.

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#6301 GardenSMART visits a garden that has endured, even flourished, for over 100 years. A beautiful garden, a lot of history and many lessons for gardeners. It’s a great show; be sure to tune in.

#6302 Have fun in your garden. When you plant what you like, gardening is more enjoyable. GardenSMART visits with an accomplished gardener who shows us her springtime handiwork. It’s beautiful and she had fun as well. Be sure to tune in and GardenSMART.

#6303 GardenSMART visits an amazing garden with over 50 acres of daffodils. And 4 different bloom times means there are lots of daffodils over an extended period of time. A breathtaking show and a lot to learn. Tune in and GardenSMART.

#6304 Garden clubs are a great place to find engaged, committed gardeners and beautiful gardens. And many have interesting stories to tell. We enjoyed filming this show, and think you’ll enjoy watching. Tune in as we GardenSMART.

#6305 The possibilities for container gardening are nearly limitless. But how to plant that beautiful container eludes many of us. GardenSMART visits with a container gardening expert who explains how she does it. Join us as we GardenSMART.

#6306 A raindrop can be one of the most beneficial or one of the most destructive elements on earth. To avoid the destructive description we need to address storm water runoff. How to do that? Be sure to tune in as we GardenSMART.

#6307 From a rock quarry to growing vegetables, there is a lot to learn. And in an amazingly beautiful site. Be sure to tune in as we GardenSMART.

#6308 The man that started the garden we visit this week believed he was an old man, but a young gardener. He simply meant that as a gardener he was always learning. Aren’t we all? A don’t-miss show; tune in and GardenSMART.

#6309 GardenSMART visits with a grass management expert. He has the information we need for a beautiful lawn, all year long. Tune in and GardenSMART.

#6310 In this episode GardenSMART visits an historic estate where the plants tell the story of this lovely garden spot. Although many of the plants take us back to an earlier time, the gardening lessons apply today. Join us as we GardenSMART.

#6311 Gardening is one of the richest, most rewarding things one can do in life. But it has it’s challenges. It’s heartwarming to see a garden that’s overcome catastrophe. Hard work and tremendous effort has turned this garden into a place of beauty. A don’t-miss GardenSMART show.

#6312 GardenSMART visits two homes with standout gardens. These two gardeners relish getting their hands dirty and continually trying new gardening ideas. The hours they devote to their gardens are readily apparent and provide us with many great gardening tips. Be sure to tune in.

#6313 What lies beneath the soil has a great impact on our success as gardeners. GardenSMART visits with one of the leading authorities on soil ecology and he provides some great gardening tips: some simple, yet practical. Tune in as we GardenSMART.

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