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FPLQ 4300 H1
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13 / 30
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Re-imagined classics, dimensional texture, and fresh designs!

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#4301 Cozy, Classic Flannel
Host Sara Gallegos was really inspired by the autumns of Michigan for this quilt! Based on a one-block design by Maria Umhey, Sara’s version incorporates updated flannel fabrics. You’ll learn tricks for dealing with thicker fabrics, and also how to quilt using straight-line quilting—a less challenging alternative to stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.

#4302 A Pillowcase of Yo-Yos
It’s been a long time since we’ve created patchwork yo-yo's on Love of Quilting, and we’d forgotten how much fun they can be! This episode features a pillow with appliquéd yo-yos designed by Denise Buchwalter-Losczyk. You’ll learn about the different types of hand-sewing needles, see how to create yo-yo's using a gathering stitch, and then finally how to bring it all together in an adorable pillow.

#4303 Quilting Red, White, and Blue!
To show the nation’s gratitude, the Quilts of Valor Foundation awards quilts to veterans, wrapping them in well-earned love and pride. It's a cherished cause that many quilters are devoted to, and there’s always a need for fresh quilt designs! Lori Thompson showcases United in Gratitude designed by Krisanne Watkins, a quilt that features quick techniques for a powerful result.

#4304 Family Photos Quilt
Make a quilt that is a family photo album! Host Sara Gallegos demonstrates working with photo transfer fabric, giving you tips on how to frame, crop, and print photos. Her Star of the Family quilt features quilt blocks in two sizes to incorporate different photos. You’ll get advice on fabric selection, patchwork techniques, and how to quilt the final design!

#4305 Embellish with Chenille
Host Angela Huffman shares a purr-tastic kitty quilt! Learn to make mix-and-match kitten quilt blocks, coordinating the fabrics for different types of cats. You’ll also learn how to create whiskers using pre-packaged chenille strips—layering them for extra fuzziness—and use shank-style buttons for noses. Finish your quilt by stitching your kitty names using free-motion quilting!

#4306 Fabric Strips Beach Bag
Sara Gallegos is joined by Sadie Metter, who introduces Love of Quilting viewers to some sewing techniques wonderfully adaptable to 2-½" strip rolls! On this episode, you’ll learn to make a beach-style tote bag made from woven cotton strips. You'll also learn about interfacing types, attaching store-bought handles, and installing snaps. The end result will show off your patchwork style and add lots of techniques to your sewing skill set!

#4307 Wool Appliqué On A Scalloped Pillow
We’re busy as a bee on this episode of Love of Quilting! For this bench pillow, host Sara Gallegos introduces wool appliqué with dimensional handwork! We’ll also play with fusible appliqué to build a beehive shape, and we’ll also build a few birdhouses using a little improvisation on the rooftops. Add some scalloped edges and a lap-backed pillow closure, and you have a ‘Cozy Hive & Home’!

#4308 Dresden Plates and Partial Seams
Angela Huffman re-imagines the Dresden Plate unit by combining it with partial seams. The end result is a sweet, floral quilt that has a dynamic pinwheel effect. You’ll learn how to make beautiful Dresden Plate blades with careful cutting and precise pressing, and you’ll be able to frame out the final blocks with Irish Chain blocks in a “controlled scrappy” style.

#4309 Appliqué Frayed-Edge Style
Embrace the fray! Host Sara Gallegos presents ‘Frayed Fanfare,’ a quilt that sidesteps curved piecing with the fun use of raw-edge appliqué. The homespun look is underscored by the use of three non-traditional fabrics: flannel, linen, and “dobby” wovens. These colorful, loosely woven fabrics are tacked down with black thread—a bold choice for any quilter! Let your edges unravel in the best way on today’s episode!

#4310 Piecing with Patriotic Panels
No two fabric panels are manufactured the same, so how do you adapt a quilt pattern to work with the panel YOU have? Lori Thompson, executive director, of the Quilts of Valor Foundation, joins us to explain why quilt panels are so popular with veterans, and how you can make simple adjustments to make the measurements work. You’ll hear tips about selecting fabrics to coordinate with your panel, when and how to miter strips, and how to make ever-useful Sawtooth Star blocks that can be swapped into most any design.

#4311 Peppered Cotton Bed Quilt
Peppered cotton is a “shot” cotton fabric with a distinct warp and weave. The shimmery effect makes a striking quilt, and has the added benefit of having no “wrong” side, so it’s worth using...Even if it unravels easily! On this episode, you’ll learn techniques for handling this fabric, hear strip-piecing and foundation piecing tips, and find out the correct way to attach long strips to prevent waviness.

#4312 Quilting Ghost Blocks
In this episode, host Angela Huffman takes her pieced top from the previous show and quilts it! The open space is ideal for straight-line quilting with channel locks. You’ll also see how to give to look of an “on-point” quilt block with stitching alone, and how see how Angela create stunning “ghost blocks” that mirror the patchwork. All of these designs can be quilted on a longarm or a home sewing machine!

#4313 Dimensional Patchwork Pinwheel
Host Sara Gallegos introduces a real party with this table topper! Designed by Stephanie Cunnyngham, this design features a "gift box” quilt block, each with a three-dimensional pinwheel as a bow! In addition to learning how to make these delightful quilt blocks, you’ll learn how to audition free-motion designs using a vinyl cover sheet and a dry erase marker, and a unique approach to facing a quilt for a clean edge.

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