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FPLQ 4200 H1
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13 / 30
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Useful techniques, clever tips, and amazing quilts!

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#4201 Arrow Point
The Arrowhead quilt block made its debut in 1941, and was pieced using individually cut patches, which can be tedious. In this episode, Angela Huffman presents two contemporary construction methods for today’s quilters that make quick work of this quilt block—and add in a lot of fun!

#4202 Mostly North
Sara Gallegos’ “challenge” quilt for this season was a Mariner’s Compass, which is a traditionally advanced patchwork design. With Mostly North, she simplifies the process to make an achievable and still stunning version of the style. In this episode, we’ll pair the techniques of foundation piecing and curved piecing, which requires a few tricks. You’ll also learn how to create the half blocks for a column style setting.

#4203 Sea Glass Star
Angela Huffman had so much fun with a technique she used in a throw pillow last season, she designed an entire quilt around it. Sea Glass Star uses asymmetrical strip sets to create banded flying geese, which creates a magnificent medallion star. We let ‘technique’ drive our creativity on this episode of Love of Quilting!

#4204 Quilted Postcard Swap
Sometimes you need to send a little patchwork love in the mail! Inspired by a ‘quilted postcard swap,’ guest Elaine Theriault joins Sara Gallegos to showcase patchwork techniques in a small format. Learn to create your own postcard, incorporating all the scraps from your sewing room—fabric, thread, stabilizers, batting, and anything else!

#4205 Shine Bright
What happens when you combine classic chaining patchwork with a rainbow of stars? You get a quilt that will Shine Bright! For this quilt, Sara Gallegos showcases some black-and-white checkerboards for her Double Irish Chain design, and adds sparkle with rainbow-hued Friendship Stars. For an extra dash of delight, Sara adds a scrappy flange binding in a rainbow of colors!

#4206 Signed With Love
Quilters throughout the years have found ways to commemorate events through fabric. One of the oldest ways is through a signature quilt, in which autographs become a cherished keepsake. Angela Huffman shares a perfect design for such a quilt. Learn all the construction techniques, as well as tips for preparing fabric for autographs, on this episode of Love of Quilting.

#4207 Harvest Sky
It can be fun to re-visit quilt patterns you’ve previously done, re-creating them in fresh fabrics and with new techniques. On this episode, Sara Gallegos is joined by guest Elaine Theriault, who re-worked her quilt, Harvest Sky, in exciting ways! A different take on the embroidered centerpieces, fresh colors, and different approaches to standard patchwork makes this quilt a brand-new experience!

#4208 Stitch Modes 101
What in the world are all these different stitch modes? New technology means new opportunities for creativity. but it can also be a source of confusion. Angela Huffman demystifies the various settings you may encounter on various longarm and midarm-style quilting machines, showing you the how, why, and when for each mode.

#4209 Sunlight in the Window
This wall-hanging by Sharon Wasteney caught Sara Gallegos’ eye with its unusual combination of standard patchwork and cathedral windows. Sharon used the quilting to secure the folded edge of the cathedral windows—a technique Sara wanted to explore! Learn how to create this stunning, unique border on this episode of Love of Quilting.

#4210 Fireside in Kalispell
Inspired by the landscapes, traditions, and natural wonders of Montana, Angela Huffman’s quilt Fireside in Kalispell definitely has a Western vibe! Small changes to simple patchwork units have a big design impact when the secondary designs emerge. This quilt’s dramatic design is created using basic, beginner-friendly techniques like Flying Geese, Quarter-Square Triangles, and Half-Square Triangles.... All in cozy flannels!

#4211 Lovely Day Folio Cover
Small, quilted projects are a good way to test new techniques or ideas. Sara’s folio cover can be constructed with traditional methods to fit a tablet or a notebook, and is a wonderful place to practice free-motion quilting or machine embroidery. (Sara stitches out hidden notes to her daughters!) Use your stitches to inspire other with joyful messages!

#4212 Row Your ‘Bow
It’s hard to imagine a better quilt for celebrating and learning about color! Joining Sara Gallegos is guest Diane Harris, whose row quilt, Row Your ‘Bow, plays with the entire rainbow! In addition to some piecing and pressing advice that helps with the construction, Diane’s knowledge of practical color theory will have you making confident choices about fabric and placement in no time!

#4213 Victory Garden
This Quilt of Valor design by Kirsti Lea Schmits is a fresh take a flag design! The lovely flowers are a scrappy bouquet of appliqué. Sara Gallegos uses the design to teach some important lessons about fusible appliqué, including tips on placement, an overview of a few decorative stitches, and tips for quilting the final quilt.

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