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Join Fit n Delicious host Jaime Brenkus as he guides viewers on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Joining him on each episode are chef Dani Spies with quick and easy healthy recipes and their mentor Jack Lalanne with words of wisdom from the past. Fit n Delicious Series 100 breaks down the misconceptions about fitness, food and living your best life at any age.

#101 I will not let Age Change me –I’ll change the way I Age
I will not let age change me …I’ll change the way I age! We begin with a morning muscle makeover with Jaime. Then, Chef Dani Spies has an energy bar recipe to get you ready for the day. Next, it’s time for a little exercise using just a wall, plus our first special tip from the past, with fitness mentor Jack Lalanne. We finish up with another recipe from chef Dani and a turkey zucchini skillet. Change the way you age!

#102 It’s about Time …or Lack thereof
He who has no time for his health today ...will have no health for his time tomorrow. Dani's recipes for today take under 5 minutes to make, and include breakfast, and even a cure for your evening cravings with 2-minute mug cake recipes. Jaime’s dual movement beach workout is the perfect dose of exercise in the perfect amount of time. Throw in a few motivating ideas about how you eat - and we guarantee you can find the time you need.

#103 Putting the BOOM back into Boomers
It’s time to put the Boom back into boomers. It all starts with a great thigh workout from Jaime, on the beach, for extra motivation. Then Dani explores 6 reasons you may be overeating and what to do differently. We add some strength training, and a little message from our mentor, Jack Lalanne. We finish up with a delicious burrito bowl from Dani.

#104 Keeping “Me” a Priority
Today's episode is about the most important person in the room ...YOU! Let’s learn how to keep you a priority. First Dani's got a yummy banana coconut cookie recipe to treat yourself. Then, head back to the beach for a gut and butt workout. Next, it’s back to the studio and the all-important message of self-acceptance from Dani and a follow-up message from Jaime, on being simply you. We finish up with a zesty Thai kale salad from Dani to round out your day. It’s all about YOU.

#105 If you Rest …you Rust
If you Rest, you Rust!! Learn first how to warm up properly with Jaime. Then Dani has a recipe for easy and healthy fish tacos. Next, it’s time for a little motivation and Jaime’s top strategies for success .and a message from Dani on aligning your goals and intentions. We finish up with nonimpact cardio to save your knees and back, along with a message from Jack Lalanne. It’s all designed to keep the rust from building up!

#106 Lean People. Lead Lean Lives!
Lean people lead lean lives. We begin today with Lean strategies from Jaime and our mentor, Jack Lalanne. Then it’s a lean recipe with Dani and baked lemon chicken. Next, it’s the easy way to work your abs while standing – all day long. And then Dani is back with achieving the balance between weight loss results vs commitments. Then we are back on the move with toning and walking all at once. We finish up with a recipe for roasted cauliflower from Dani - it’s a jam-packed day with lean ideas.

#107 Get Up ...Fuel Up...Live it Up!!
Get up – fuel up and live it up! Dani’s going to show you 5 easy healthy snack boxes. Jaime has moves for bolder shoulders and tips from Jack Lalanne. Then Dani is back with the perfect fuel with baked, pumpkin oatmeal. We finish up with Jaime’s best leg shapers. Time to power up.

#108 The Fork and Spoon are your best pieces of Fitness Equipment!
We all know that exercise is important, but your fork and spoon are your best pieces of fitness equipment. We begin with Dani’s beginners guide to healthier eating. Then join Jaime for amazing back stretches to relive pain and tension, plus tips for thinking lean. Next, Dani’s back with a mouthwatering spinach frittata. And with all that time in the kitchen, Jaime has a kitchen workout to do while you wait, along with a tip from our expert Jack Lalanne. Grab your fork and spoon…. it’s time to get fit.

#109 Stinking Thinking!
Get rid of stinking thinking and change the channel on your brain. First up… reject that “diet” mentality with Dani. Then it’s time for another beach workout --- it’s hard to be negative when you’re out in the sun. Then Dani is back with a no bake matcha energy bite that is great for anxiety. And then we’ll finish up with Jaime’s thoughts on stinking thinking… and how to fix it.

#110 Learn it, live it, lose it. You'll Love it!
Learn it, live it, Lose it. You’ll Love it! We begin with fitness fusion-- and a combo of ideas and workouts from Jaime and a special message from Jack Lalanne on self-improvement. Then, it’s the healthy version of zucchini bread from chef Dani. Next, we’ll learn how to measure progress without a scale with a follow-up up from Dani on how to stay motivated for the long haul. Then Jaime’s back with an easy way to exercise- by sitting -to stay fit. We finish up with everyone’s favorite snack, homemade guacamole with Dani. Get ready to love it!

#111 Fuel your Body...Don't Fool Your Body!
When it comes to food, you need to fuel your body; don't fool your body. Let’s begin with some back exercises for the back and a note from our mentor, Jack Lalanne. Then fuel your body with sweet and spicy walnuts from chef Dani. Next, get flexible over 50 with a training session with Jaime. Dani then has 5 simple guidelines for clean eating. We’ll have a quick tip on motivation-- and one more recipe for no bake energy cookies to fuel your day.

#112 Good Health isn’t about Chance. it’s about Choice!
Good health isn't about chance; good health is about choice. Chef Dani helps us make the right choices about how we stock our refrigerator with 10 healthy staples for easy meals and snacks. Then make the choice to start the day right with a new morning ritual. We’ll follow up with peanut butter protein pancakes for an energy boost all day. Finally, it’s time for easy exercises using just a towel including an exercise blast from the past with Jack Lalanne. Make the right choice and keep watching!

#113 Want Power (not Willpower)!
Anything in life worth achieving is worth the work. This isn’t about will power. It takes WANT power!! Let’s hear from Dani first and willpower vs. self-discipline. Then it’s a thigh workout with Jaime along with Jack, as we add a new want to our exercise plan. Then it’s time for more deliciousness and 3 chicken salad recipes from Dani. Then, let’s add a trimmer waistline with exercises and finish up with a message from Jaime, you never fail unless you stop trying. Let’s build our want power!

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