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DIYS 0200 H1
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13 / 30
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Alabama Public Television
Alabama Public Television
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Science is wherever you are!

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#201 Balloon Science
Let’s get popping with Mister C and the Science Crew to explore balloons and polymers! Join us for a stretch today and build a balloon powered water fountain and much much more!

#202 Sweet Science
Prepare your tastebuds for the sweet, sweet joy of learning about sugary science! Mister C and the Science Crew explore diffusion, soda geysers, and stained sugar glass in this super sweet episode! There’s nothing sweeter than learning science with your Science Crew!

#203 Light
Shine a light on amazing DIY activities with Mister C as the Science Crew explores making spectroscopes, magnifying glasses, kaleidoscopes, and so much more! Seeing is believing!

#204 Patterns
Dah dit dah dit dah… Let’s decode some of the profound patterns of science with Mister C and the Science Crew. We explore Morse code, Caesar ciphers, fractals, and many more amazing patterns!

#205 USSRC
3, 2, 1 blast off! Mister C suits up and rockets to the US Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama, to learn about all things Space Camp and rockets. Plus, we build balloon rockets, DIY storage containers, and get to see Adam Splitter launch liquid nitrogen rockets!

#206 The Moon
That's one small step for DIY, one giant leap for the Science Crew! Join us today to learn all about the moon. In this out of this world episode we’ll explore Moon phases, lunar maria, make a DIY sextant and more!

#207 Measurement
Go the distance exploring the science of measurement with Mister C and the Science Crew. Let’s explore building our own scientific tools like a hodometer and a balance scale to see if our science skills measure up.

#208 Sound
Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Mister C and the Science Crew inviting you to explore sound and vibrations. Let’s build a wooden piano, wave demonstrator, and learn how a music box makes its sound!

#209 Convection
The power of convection gets Mister C and the Science Crew moving and learning today. Explore with us as we learn about convection cells, heat powered merry go-rounds and more.

#210 Dauphin Island
Mister C and the Science Crew visit Dauphin Island Sea Lab in Alabama for an amazing adaptation adventure! Join along as we build a potato fish, go out to sea, and learn about the coolest tiny worms!

#211 Ecosystems
What do owl pellets, gray wolves, blubber all have in common? Explore the science of ecosystems today with Mister C and the Science Crew to find out. Let’s build a terrarium and explore ecosystems all around us!

#212 Chain Reactions
How fast can you react to learning some amazing science?! Build a Jacob’s Ladder and create a craft stick chain reaction with Mister C and the Science Crew while learning about nifty chain reactions!

#213 Newton’s Laws
Let’s get movin’ and groovin’ learning about the laws of motion! Mister C and the Science Crew invite you to explore Newton’s three laws of motion with amazing DIY activities that you can do at home!

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