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DTRP 1300 H1
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13 / 30
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Hogaboom Road, Inc
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Exploring the food, culture and history of Texas

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#1301 Lajitas / Big Bend Ranch State Park
Chet visits the world-class Lajitas resort to golf at the edge of Texas and then go off-the-grid hiking and biking in one of the most untraveled state parks in Texas with beautiful cliffs, slot canyons, and hoodoos.

#1302 West Austin, TX
Chet explores the west side of the capitol city where the hill country begins. Chet goes e-foiling on Lake Austin, art-gazing at Laguna Gloria, bouldering on Bull Creek and enjoys Hawaiian Tex-Mex and classic BBQ cuisine.

#1303 Lake Jackson, TX
Chet heads to the coastal prairie to SCUBA dive with old amusement park rides and visit a fish hatchery turning out millions of Texas Red fish every year. Chet eats a Wagyu meatball sub from an old gas station and enjoy tiki drinks and ramen.

#1304 Corsicana, TX
Chet heads to the land of fruitcake and tours the famous Collin Street Bakery. He gets a cheerleading lesson with the Navarro College team and fishes Lake Richland Chambers for hybrid striper bass. Along the way he eats at a 100-year old diner and a new joint serving authentic Indian food.

#1305 Haunted Texas Road Trip
Chet looks back at the spookiest stops he's discovered on the road including haunted forts, restaurants, and rivers. He also takes a new trip to investigate the Saratoga Lights.

February 2022 Block - NOTE - these are going to be co-hosted episodes with celebrity/interesting guests. They are still pending at the moment, but promise to be some really big names.
#1306 - TBD
#1307 - TBD
#1308 - TBD

May 2022 Block

#1309 Texas National Parks Road Trip
Chet recounts his to trips to visit all of the National Park destinations in Texas including Big Bend, San Antonio Missions, LBJ Ranch, and more. He also takes a new trip to the Big Thicket National Preserve to hike, paddle, and observe carnivorous plants.

#1310 Kilgore, TX
Chet heads to East Texas to visit a small town in a big oil patch with the "World's Richest Acre." He visits the Kilgore Rangerette museum, chows down on some incredible ribs at the Country Tavern, and visits a broadcasting museum.

#1311 Paint Rock, TX
Chet visits one of the world's most interesting destinations for rock art. He enjoys a fresh brew at a school-house turned brewery. And eats one of Texas's most legendary steaks at the Lowake Steak House.

#1312 Gruene, TX
Chet dives into the Guadalupe River and explores this old German town boasting and iconic main street. He eats a legendary chicken-fried steak at the Gristmill and two-steps at the famous Gruene Hall.

#1313- Viewer's Choice
Chet closes out the season by letting the viewers send him on an unexpected road trip.

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