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DTRP 1100 H1
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13 / 30
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Hogaboom Road, Inc
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Join host Chet Garner and crew on one-day adventures exploring the food, culture, outdoors, and history of towns both big and small. This 7-time Emmy-award-winning travel show is sure to entertain with its quirky take on local travel and Chet Garner’s historical reenactments and almost bottomless stomach. Each episode is aimed at educating and inspiring folks to explore their surroundings, all while teaching the valuable lesson that amazing adventures are closer than we ever realized.

#1101 Return to Waco, TX
Chet heads back to Waco ten years after his first episode to see how much the town has changed. He visits the Magnolia Silos, explores the Mammoth Site, and flies 20 feet in the air off a new water slide.

#1102 Davis Mountains, TX
Chet explores the wild mountains of West Texas with a trip to its highest point (Mt. Livermore). He eats at the historic Indian Lodge, drives the famous Scenic Loop, and polishes it all off at a local bistro.

#1103 Kerrville, TX
Chet visits this Hill Country town where he tours James Avery’s jewelry factory, slides down a dam on the Guadalupe River and enjoys some craft beer from an old house. He sees Stonehenge 2 and finishes it up at a vintage general store.

#1104 Longview, TX
Chet visits Northeast Texas to ride in a Hot Air Balloon and eat some Bodacious Barbq. He tries his hand on an adventure course with water obstacles, learns history, and eats some homegrown Italian food.

#1105 Salado, TX
Chet visits Central Texas with a tour of the second oldest hotel in the state, the Stagecoach Inn. He swims in the local springs, takes a pottery class, and then enjoys a local brew made beside the creek.

#1106 Port Arthur, TX
Chet heads to Southeast Texas to experience some Cajun culture. He fishes for flounder, eats some BBQ crabs, and explores the history including Janis Joplin, oil, and Pleasure Island.

#1107 Brady, TX
Chet heads to the geographic center of Texas. He learns about the famous goat cook off, visits the strangest antique store in Texas, sees amazing relics of country music, and eats one of the best chicken fried steaks in the state.

#1108 Tyler, TX
Chet smells the roses with a stop in Northeast Texas. He eats some amazing BBQ, visits a creative craft brewery that's revitalizing downtown, and visits a beautiful state park.

#1109 Waxahachie, TX
Chet visits one of the most historic squares in Texas. He eats some haunted catfish, learns about the culture of education, and learns to cook one of the best steaks in Texas at Meat Church.

#1110 Spring, TX
Chet visits this “Old Town” and discovers a lot of culture in this Houston suburb. He visits a museum about funerals, eats at Corkscrew BBQ, and paddles a local creek.

#1111 Palacios/Matagorda, TX
Chet heads to the coast where he eats at the classic Hotel Blessing buffet, explores a history as old as Texas, gets wet in the Gulf of Mexico, eats some authentic Vietnamese food, and fishes in the dark.

#1112 McKinney, TX
Chet visits one of the most vibrant historic squares in Texas. He dines on some “sugar bacon” and eats a monster burger. He then explores the history of the town and golfs in a modern way at locally-based Top Golf.

#1113 Texas Capitol, TX
Chet visits the 3 branches of Texas government with a behind-the-scenes tour of the capitol complex, the governor’s mansion, and the Texas Supreme Court.

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