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Join host Chet Garner and crew on one-day adventures exploring the food, culture, outdoors, and history of towns both big and small. This 6-time Emmy-award-winning travel show is sure to entertain with its quirky take on local travel and Chet Garner’s historical reenactments and almost bottomless stomach. Each episode is aimed at educating and inspiring folks to explore their surroundings, all while teaching the valuable lesson that amazing adventures are closer than we ever realized.

#901 – Belton, TX – Chet kicks off the seasons throwing a dart at a map and proving that no matter where it lands in Texas, there’s always something to do. In Belton’s historic downtown, he visits their heritage museum, eats some excellent BBQ, and stops off at the oldest department store in Texas. Throw in some mountain biking and dinner at a renovated cotton gin and that’s a day trip.

#902 – North Padre Island, TX - Chet heads down the Texas coast to the North Padre Island National Seashore. He experiences a sea turtle hatchling release, and then heads down the longest undeveloped barrier island in the world to fish, swim, and camp on its shores.

#903 – Hico, TX – Chet explores a small town that’s known as the home of “Billy the Kid.” He uncovers the story of whether or not Billy died in New Mexico or made it to TX to live to his old age. He rock climbs inside some renovated grain silos, and visits a chocolatier that making some of the most amazing truffles on the planet.

#904 – Lake Travis, TX - Chet gets wet on a lake just outside of Austin, exploring everything from its swimming areas to its restaurants. He tries his hand at wake surfing and then dines at the Oasis which is known as the “Sunset Capital of Texas.”

#905 – Houston, TX – As one of the largest cities in America, many folks know about Houston, but Chet takes viewers off the beaten path exploring its hidden side. He goes underground into a ancient cistern, visits the wild art side of the city, sees the ship channel, and then finds authentic eats inside Houston’s Indian district.

#906 – Sweetwater, TX - Chet heads back to “Big Country” to explore the hidden history of female pilots during WW2, eat some BBQ, and hunt for rattlesnakes. He finishes the day at the largest rattlesnake round up in the country observing local traditions and eating some of his own.

#907– Round Top, TX - Chet explores both the normal and festival sides of the smallest incorporated town in Texas. He goes junkin’ with the famed Junk Gypsies, eats at one of the most famous pie cafes in Texas, and visits a jaw-dropping concert venue.

#908 – Jacksonville,TX - Chet visits the “Tomato Capital of the World” that’s hidden amongst the East Texas pines. He eats some soul food, visits a French-inspired yoga studio, and gets an almost full-body immersion at a local off-road park.

#909 – Bandera, TX - Chet heads to the “Cowboy Capital of the World” to explore this wild west town. He eats a massive chicken-fried steak at a local institution, goes horseback riding in a beautiful state park, cooks his own steak over burning coals, and then finds himself in the middle of a cowboy shoot out.

#910 – Nocona, TX - Chet explores the Red River Valley and all it has to offer. He visits a leather company that’s been making its famous baseball gloves for 75 years, sips some Texas wine grown in the rolling hills, and explores the legends of the cattle drives that had to cross the big, wide river.

#911 – Seminole Canyon, TX - Chet heads to West Texas to see some of the most pristine and mysterious cave art in the country. He investigates the legend of Judge Roy Bean known as the “Law West of the Pecos” and then eats a burger of Texas-sized proportions.

#912 – Route 66 - Chet drives the “Mother Road” through the Texas panhandle visiting the iconic people and places that made it famous. He tours a classic car museum and pulls off to explore famous roadside attractions including a 190-foot cross, a slug bug ranch, and a museum dedicated completely to barbed wire.

#913 – 100th Episode Special- Chet and crew look back on the best (and worst) of the first 100 episodes of “The Daytripper.” They reminisce on their favorite stories and make some new memories too.

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