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CREW 0600H1
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10 / 30
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Inquisitive kids and Dr. Rob Stephenson take a hands-on approach to scientific exploration in Curious Crew!

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#601 Collisions
Bouncy Balls and Bumper Cars! The Curious Crew explores elastic and inelastic collisions!
STEM Challenge: Designing Better Bumper Cars
Curious About Careers: Meteorologist Emily Wahls

#602 Bubble Science
Bubbling Over with Bubbles! Dr. Rob and the Curious Crew are “bubbling over” with investigations into the science behind soapy, sudsy bubbles!
STEM Challenge: Design and Build a Bubble Wand
Curious About Careers: Soap Maker Julie Konkle

#603 Muscular System
Get Moving with Muscular Electricity! The Curious Crew “exercises” their minds when it comes to understanding the complexity of the muscular system!
STEM Challenge: Design a Bicep Support Device
Curious About Careers: Athletic Trainer LouAnne Jefferson

#604 Electric Lights
“Watts” up, Dr. Rob? The Curious Crew “brightens up” on the science behind lights!
STEM Challenge: Making a Light Bulb
Curious About Careers: Urban Forest Hydrologist Asia Dowtin

#605 Acids & Bases
Disappearing Ink and soapy pH! The Curious Crew “mixes” it up with Dr. Rob when they investigate acids and bases!
STEM Challenge: Making and Testing pH Indicator Paper
Curious About Careers: Food Quality Assurance Manager Kelly Stano

#606 Springs
Jack-In-The-Box and pogo sticks! The Curious Crew “jumps” right into the science of springs!
STEM Challenge: Design a Jack in the Box
Curious About Careers: Auto Design Director LaShirl Turner

#607 Convection
Fire and ice, candles and snowflakes! The Curious Crew cycles through carousels, boiling water, and soap to understand convection!
STEM Challenge: Designing a Candle Convection Carousel
Curious About Careers: US Fire Management Officer Persephone Whelan

#608 Piano Science
Digital banana pianos and amplified forks! It’s a “pitch perfect” episode as the Curious Crew investigates the science of playing the piano with Dr. Rob!
STEM Challenge: Make a Digital Banana Piano
Curious About Careers: Musician Jen Sygit

#609 Waves
Sloping slinky and wiggly water! The Curious Crew gets an “earful” from Dr. Rob on the science behind sound waves!
STEM Challenge: Design a Gumdrop Wave Machine
Curious About Careers: Ultrasound Engineer Lalita Udpa

#610 Bowling Science
Strikes, spares, and SCIENCE! Dr. Rob “strikes” up a Curious Crew lesson on the science of bowling!
STEM Challenge: Design Bowling Shoe Soles
Curious About Careers: Professional Coach and Bowler Aleta Sill

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