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CREW 0500 H1
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10 / 30
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Emmy-award winning host Dr. Rob Stephenson and inquisitive kids take a hands-on approach to scientific exploration in Curious Crew! Included within each episode are Curious About Careers segments with women who work in STEM-related fields. The Curious About Careers segments won a 2018 Regional Emmy Award for Children/Youth/Teens - Program/Special.

#501 Polymers
How are growing gummy bears, exploding diapers, and making water disappear all related? The Curious Crew explores the world of polymers!
STEM Challenge: Making slime
Curious About Careers: Zookeeper Annie Marcum

#502 Simple Machines Wedge
Splitting logs, building canoes, and “uplifting” wedges! From axes to canoes to the forks we eat with, the Curious Crew gets a “cutting edge” look at the simple machine, the wedge!
STEM Challenge: Design a Mini-Canoe
Curious About Careers: Architectural Designer Tiffany Brown

#503 Rocks
Floating, freezing, and fizzing rocks! The Curious Crew goes “digging” into the makeup and science of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks!
STEM Challenge: Design a Wax Model to Explain the Rock Cycle
Curious About Careers: Hydrologist Cynthia Rachol

#504 Soapy Science
Sudsy science, homemade soap, and repulsive pepper! The Curious Crew learns all about the science of soap with a lesson on saponification and surfactants.
STEM Challenge: Making Homemade Soap
Curious About Careers: Water Chemist Daveda Quinn

#505 Circulatory System
The Curious Crew gets pumped exploring the circulatory system! Dr. Rob uses balloon valves and tennis balls to explain how the heart pumps blood throughout the body and has the Curious Crew design and build stethoscopes!
STEM Challenge: Design a Working Stethoscope
Curious About Careers: Cardiac Anesthesiologist and Critical Care Physician Dr. Penny Wilton

#506 Bioplastics
Bags that dissolve, potatoes that turn into plastic, and silverware you can eat! The Curious Crew learns all about the chemical makeup of bioplastics.
STEM Challenge: Design a Bioplastic Sculpture
Curious About Careers: Packaging Engineer Karen Keeder

#507 Soccer Science
The Curious Crew gets a kick out of learning the science of soccer! Dr. Rob and the kids take the field to learn about banana kicks, knuckleballs, and parries.
STEM Challenge: Design a Mini-Foosball Table
Curious About Careers: Athletic Turf Manager, Amy Fouty

#508 Paper Airplane Science
It’s a bird! It’s a paper airplane! It’s science! The Curious Crew explores the aerodynamics behind different kinds of paper airplanes including boomerangs, gliders, darts, and nose-divers.
STEM Challenge: Design a Paper Plane Launch System
Curious About Careers: Airline Pilot Emily Coaker

#509 Electromagnetism
The Curious Crew gets wired about electromagnetism! Suspended bowling balls, homemade speakers, and compasses all help explain electromagnetism.
STEM Challenge: Build a Homemade Speaker
Curious About Careers: Electromagnetic Engineer Amanpreet Kaur

#510 Diffusion and Osmosis
Smelly particles, wilted veggies, and growing jellies! The Curious Crew explores diffusion and osmosis using tea bags, scented balloons, and jelly marbles.
STEM Challenge: Make a Reed Diffuser
Curious About Careers: Ornithologist Pam Rasmussen

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