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CREW 0400 H1
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10 / 30
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Emmy-award winning host Dr. Rob Stephenson and inquisitive kids take a hands-on approach to scientific exploration.

#401 Center of Gravity
Quirky corks, leaning towers, defying gravity and more! The Curious Crew explores different centers of gravity.
STEM Challenge: Making a balanced sculpture.
Curious About Careers: Physical Therapist Jill Marlan.

#402 Pulleys
Hoist a grown-up, a tug of war, compound pulleys and more! The Curious Crew hoists Dr. Rob off the ground as they explore how pulleys make physical work easier.
STEM Challenge: Design a miniature crane.
Curious About Careers: Equine Diagnostician Dr. Stephanie Valberg.

#403 Kinetic Energy
Stubborn cans, racing spools, yo-yos and more! The Curious Crew learns when something moves, it has kinetic energy.
STEM Challenge: Designing a marble rollercoaster.
Curious About Careers: Orthopedic Researcher LeeAnn Kaiser.

#404 Central Nervous System
Uncontrollable hands, knee-jerk reflex, reaction times and more! The Curious Crew explores how our body’s system of nerves help us make quick decisions.
STEM Challenge: Designing a sensory fidget toy.
Curious About Careers: Kinesiologist Dr. Janet Hauck.

#405 Basketball Science
Lay-up angles, curvy bounce passes, delightful dribbling and more! The Curious Crew learns how simple scientific principals improve the game of basketball.
STEM Challenge: Designing a mini-free throw machine.
Curious About Careers (2): Ophthalmologist Dr. Sonia Rana and Computer Coder Hillary Lewandowski

#406 Torque
Candle see-saws, balanced meter sticks, ‘getting a grip’ and more! The Curious Crew explores how the force of torque helps us turn and leverage things.
STEM Challenge: Design a One-Handed Spoon Catapult.
Curious About Careers: Robotics Engineer Sid Mosley.

#407 Sense of Hearing
Echo location, tympanic membranes, radio teeth and more! The Curious Crew learns how our ears are designed to capture incoming sounds.
STEM Challenge: Designing a pair of ‘Ear Defenders.’
Curious About Careers: Audiologist Dr. Brooke Tudor.

#408 Chocolate Chemistry
Sliding chocolate, curious cocoa, sweet textures and more! The Curious Crew learns how modern day chocolate chemistry has become one sweet science.
STEM Challenge: Designing edible Chocolate Bowls.
Curious About Careers: Health Educator Bethany Thayer.

#409 Electrical Circuits
Human conductivity, electrical resistance, series & parallel circuits and more! The Curious Crew learns how all circuits have three things: a power source, a conductor and a load.
STEM Challenge: Designing an Electrical Switch.
Curious About Careers: Electrical Engineer Shanelle Foster.

#410 Matter
Lava lamps, slo-motion balls, clouds in bottles and more! The Curious Crew discovers that solids, liquids and gasses take up space, has mass and are all made of matter.
STEM Challenge: Making Sculpting Putty.
Curious About Careers: Energy Troubleshooter Adel Pascaris.

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