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CRXS 0400H1
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10 / 30
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Centurion 5
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Mexico – music, food and culture

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#401 Food Garden & Tequila
Did you say Food Garden? Sounds like a perfect place for Jorge. A literal garden of wonderful meals in a gourmet food court waiting for Jorge to taste every last dish. Next we go to the Tijuana Tequila Expo. This is an annual event that showcases a traditional Mexican drink. Jorge does some tasting research, and falls in love with some of the sweet mixed tequilas.

#402 Tequila Town
One of the great things Mexico brings to the world is it’s tequila. Our research would not be complete without a 2,000 mile trip to Tequila, Jalisco. Follow along as we visit the town who gave the drink it’s name. Learn about the Tequila-making process at the Jose Cuervo factory and learn the right way to taste this drink.

#403 Liga MX Xolos Soccer
Let’s get to know the famous Mexico Soccer league called “Liga MX”. To help us explore this famous soccer league of Mexico, we visit the Xolos Tijuana Soccer team. Watch as Jorge trains with the pros, does weightlifting with the official fitness coach, and tours the upgraded Tijuana stadium. Finally, follow along as we travel by plane with the Xolos to play against the Chivas at the Omnilife stadium in Guadalajara. Enjoy full back stage access like you never have before!

#404 Taco Tour
Jorge is in his zone, his taco zone that is. We start off with some traditional Birria tacos in the morning. Next we go taste the oddly common tongue tacos (tacos de lengua). Next up is tasting tacos with cuts of meat from the sizzling pile of rotating meat on a stick called adobada. Finally we go through a large selection of bizarre tacos at tacos Kokopelli.

#405 Fausto Polanco
Art comes in many shapes and styles. In the case of Fausto Polanco, his art is in the form of furniture. Learn about how traditional woven materials from southern Mexico are integrated into his creations. Jorge even tries to help Fausto finish some furniture in his wood shop. Next, we investigate a possible archaeology site where some interesting things have been found. Lastly, we visit La Resaka seafood joint where we taste some fancy shrimp tacos and ceviche

#406 Coffee and Anthropology
Entrepreneurs are starting cool little businesses. One is a coffee truck in Tecate, where beans are imported from far away places like Central America. Some scrumptious food is also on the menu. Next is a visit to the special Kumiai museum. Anthropologist Mike tells us all about the plants, weapons, foods, and traditions of these true Baja California natives.

#407 Bikes, Pizza & Music
Tijuana Bike Tours takes Jorge and friends on a ride down Revolution ave. We learn how bike riding is a great way to see the city without having glass between you and everything else. Next we taste some culinary goodies, including Pizza, at Hornero restaurant. Lastly we meet Pablo Dodero, the musician behind Late Night Howl. We learn about his motivations as well as enjoy hearing him play.

#408 Rancho Ojai, Tecate Beer, Asao
Today we enjoy a trip to a place called “Rancho Ojai.” A quaint little getaway with cabins, pool, bikes, and miniature golf. Next we move back into the town of Tecate, and visit the famous Tecate Beer factory. This beer was named after this town, so we had to check it out. Finally we visit a restaurant that everybody was telling us about, Asao, which actually means “Food” in Kumiai.

#409 Camels, Jetpacks, & Laja
Oh boy, just when you think it can’t get any more adventurous than riding a camel on the beach, Joe from Rosarito Ocean Sports lets us in on some extreme watersports action. Join Host Jorge Meraz as he rides a water-powered jet pack for the first time. It’s no easy task for a show host afraid of water, sharks, and heights. Next, we sit down and have a bite to eat at the famous Laja Restaurant

#410 Rosarito Beach Hotel & Scuba
Join Jorge Moraz as he tours the most famous hotel of Baja with Hugo Torres, the Father of Rosarito. A fascinating person, Torres has been Mayor several times and is the owner of the Rosarito Beach Hotel. Learn more about his hotel and the history of the region that dates back to before WWII. We then learn about the beautiful Coronado Islands off the coast, and all the wildlife found below the surface. Afterwards, Jorge takes a scuba diving lesson with a young scuba diving expert.

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