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CRXS 0300H1
Number of Episodes/Length:
10 / 30
Rights End:
Centurion 5
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Crossing South is a travel show which takes us on a journey South of the border. Bilingual travel companion and host, Jorge Meraz, helps us get to know the people, vernacular, foods, customs and places frequented by the locals. This series helps us see there is so much more to Mexico than what we hear on national news. There’s a lot to learn and fun to have right next door by Crossing South.

#301 Sailing & Jams
Sailing is something loved by many in Baja. Follow along as Jorge meets a sailboat racing team in Ensenada and later gets some hands-on fun with Gary- the friendly captain. Later we meet Doña lupe who shows us her vineyard and selection of delicious jams.

#302 Mountain Bikes & Cheese
There are a number of mountain biking enthusiasts in Baja, let’s get to meet them and see what they can do. Watch as they charge down hills, with an occasional fall here and there. Next we travel to Ojos Negros where we can sample the famous cheese and learn about how it is made. Lastly Jorge samples food at the “La Cava de Marcelo” Restaurant.

#303 Kayaks & Kumiai
Come on-board a kayak with us as we check out the La Bufadora ocean geyser South of Ensenada. See the natural beauty of the surrounding Punta Banda peninsula as Jorge hikes around. Finally, we meet the true natives of Baja at the San Antonio Necua Kumiai Community.

#304 Estero Beach & Tomatoes
Today we visit Estero beach on the south side of Ensenada. Jorge tries a jet ski for the first time, as well as tests the atv track nearby. Later we learn some history at a small museum and taste some traditional Mexican food. Lastly, we head to San Quintin to learn about tomato farming. Arturo Rodriguez shows us around the greenhouse at Los Pinos farms.

#305 Tijuana Lifeguards
The lifeguards in Tijuana are reported to be the best trained & well equipped in all of Mexico. Follow along as Jorge gets to know them and the history behind these aquatic heroes. In our visit here at “Playas de Tijuana”, we learn about beach safety, as well as observe a real-life rescue that occurs while we are filming. Lastly, watch as Jorge attempts to keep up with everybody at the lifeguard training facility.

#306 Seaside Eating & Golf
Just south of Rosarito we find some restaurants worth visiting. First is Paradise Cove Hawaiian food with a bit of Aloha South of the border. Next comes “Splash” which delivers great food with a fantastic background of ocean waves literally splashing in the background. Last, Jorge visits the Bajamar Golf Course where he gets golf lessons and meets a Tijuana Native Golf Champion.

#307 Swap Meet
It doesn’t cost admission, but it is definitely entertaining. With all sorts of things to see, food to eat, and junk to buy, the Tijuana swap meet is a must-do. Follow Jorge as he learns about treasure hunting from somebody who has spent years visiting Mexico swap meets. Hidden treasures are going to be found! Later watch as Jorge tastes the delightful food and desserts that can be found.

#308 Baja Technology & Art
Today we visit the “Tijuana Innovadora” event which showcases all the industry, innovations and technology going on South of the border. After learning about the cars, video games, and other interesting things, follow along as Jorge visits one of TJ’s favorite taco places, “El Mazateño”. Lastly, we get to meet the creative & talented local artists at the art expo called “Entijuanarte”.

#309 Surfing & Poco Cielo
Watch as host Jorge Meraz faces his fears, and learns how to surf just south of Rosarito. His instructor, the “Surf Diva,” helps him build his confidence and guides him into the waves. Afterwards, Jorge explores the Poco Cielo bed and breakfast nearby. After exploring the “cute” rooms, Jorge replenishes some of those calories he burned while surfing.

#310 La Justina & Culinary School
In this episode, host Jorge Meraz breaks his own advice and heads to Revolution Avenue in Tijuana. Not to purchase crummy souvenirs, but to visit La Justina, a trendy restaurant co-owned by an American chef. Chef Chad White is an interesting character, with a tasty menu. Later, we visit Tijuana’s Culinary Art School. Discover the main source of the amazing culinary scene hitting Baja as we talk with the owner and take a short tour.

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