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With humanity facing unprecedented challenges we must evolve and learn to mindfully coexist with Mother Nature and each other. Through the fun adventures of its multiracial hosts - vegan chef Michael and his yogi wife, Bianca - Conscious Living explores what it takes to be a more mindful human. Take a dip at a Zen hot springs meditation retreat near Big Sur. Heal with a yoga detox high in the Himalayas. Sit front row at an upcycled eco-fashion show in Hong Kong. Then hunt for the tastiest vegan street food from Bali to Berlin. Journey with Conscious Living around the world and travel the uncharted path to a brighter tomorrow.

#101 Busting Loose in Berlin
Guten Tag! Take a walk on the mindful side of one of the most eclectic cities in Europe: Berlin, Germany. From live music in historic Tiergarten park just steps from the Brandenburg gate, to incredible back alley vegan street eats, Berlin's the gift that keeps on giving. Its complex history creates a beautiful tapestry of diverse cultures and experiences, from pop up ethical fashion runway shows to a tasty plant-based take on Germany’s beloved Currywurst, join us as we train, bike and walk our way through this surprisingly sustainable city.

#102 Escape to Bali
It’s no wonder millions of tourists each year visit the 17,000 island archipelago of Indonesia, the most popular of which is the island of Bali. From its crystal blue waters and white sand beaches, to an indigenous culture that’s remained intact for thousands of years and some of the world’s most cutting-edge wellness retreats, Bali keeps mindful travelers coming back year after year. On this episode, visit an authentic Indian Ayurveda retreat for a life-changing Panchakarma detox amidst the ancient temples of Tegallalang. Then, join us on the enchanted riverbanks of Ubud for a spiritual workshop to manifest your wildest dreams.

#103 The Many Faces of the Divine
We’re on location in Rishikesh, India - one of the most spiritual places on earth - celebrating the beauty of diverse religious practices the world over. First, an Indian-inspired ashram outside of Charlottesville, Virginia helps devotees from different faiths come together through yoga, meditation and uplifting vegetarian cuisine. Then, we’re back in the jungles of Bali to learn how to make one of the ubiquitous flower offerings that litter its land and temples. Sometimes nature provides the best religious experiences, so we visit a healing retreat tucked into the majestic red rocks of Sedona, Arizona that's literally been touched by angels. Finally, we find a moment of calm outside the bustle of New York City at a converted monastery with a mission to provide an inclusive, non-denominational refuge for contemplation and mindful reflection.

#104 !Vegan Mexican Fiesta!
Like it spicy? Then get your taste buds ready for this episode, where we’re at home preparing a full-blown vegan Mexican fiesta from scratch. Michael and Bianca team up in the kitchen to make her favorite savory sweet potato and black bean quesadillas, spicy guacamole and Pico de Gallo with Tortilla chips. Then, Bianca hangs out with a sustainable lifestyle expert for some eco-chic outdoor entertaining tips. Back in the kitchen, Michael steals the show with a yummy vegan Dulce de Leche flan that tickles the taste buds!

#105 Ready, Set, Go!
Since life is a journey and not a destination, put on your adventure boots, grab your GPS and get ready for for some fun on this episode. Hang ten with us on the legendary North Shore of Oahu where we take surf and yoga lessons with a former competitive surfer turned girl boss. Who needs a fancy hotel room? We relish the great outdoors at a glamping retreat in Ithaca, New York with gourmet s’mores, local foraging and hammock naps under the midnight stars. Finally, we take an inner journey and explore some of the world’s greatest art, from the LEED-platinum Chicago Art Institute in the Windy City to the winding canals of the Venice Biennale.

#106 Dancing to the Rhythm Around the World
On this episode, we’re dancing to the beat of humanity to explore the uplifting power of music to transform and heal. We start in Joshua Tree, California for the best yoga and music festival of the year. Next we’re off to the island of Bali, Indonesia for an immersive didgeridoo sound healing and a sacred dance retreat teaching women how to reclaim their innate feminine power. Then, we power through a magical night in Rome, Italy fueled by raw cacao, vegan gelato and live electronica at the center of Rome’s boho Monti district--wow!

#107 Living Zen
Living Zen is about more than just putting a Buddha fountain on your bookshelf. The reality of walking the path of mindfulness on a daily basis is far from easy. On this episode, we’re bringing you the best of Zen both at home and out in the world. We visit a Zen Buddhist retreat center in Marin County, California with a robust organic farm, and learn how the simple practice of reaping and sowing can help harvest the fruits of peace and detachment. Then, just East of Big Sur, we take a dip in the healing high mountain hot springs of the nation’s oldest Zen Buddhist monastery, Tassajara. Back at home, we practice the 5,000-year-old art of feng shui. To keep the good vibes flowing, we visit with an expert who clears old energy, enhances chi and transforms living spaces through the simple art of placement.

#108 The Raw Food Buzz
Fly with us to Indonesia for a two-week raw food culinary immersion amongst the storied rice terraces of Ubud. Led by Japanese master raw chef, restaurateur and author Sayuri Tanaka, we learn how to make mouth-watering raw vegan versions of some of the world’s iconic cuisines including Mexican, Indian, Japanese and American. In between cooking classes, we adventure through the unforgettable sites, sounds, and culture of Bali – from a bustling jungle cacao factory to a French-owned fresh spirulina farm--greens, anyone?

#109 Disappearing Disease
While mainstream medicine tells us that illness, aches and pains are an inevitable part of life, many doctors and scientists are discovering that with proper nutrition and care, the power that made the body has the power to heal the body. On this episode, we’re in Washington, D.C. with an African-American pastor who takes on the challenge of disappearing his Type-2 Diabetes with his fork and a whole food, plant-based diet. Then, we’re back in Berlin, Germany to heal a nagging injury with the 200-year old practice of homeopathy.

#110 Art Imitates Life
Does life imitate art and art imitate life? To see for ourselves, we dive into the world of art, culture and dance to see how it shapes our evolution as a planet. Ferry with us to the shores of Naoshima - Japan’s surreal art island - where art looms larger than life. Then lose yourself in a sacred dance and music immersion celebrating the five elements of nature in Bali. Back in the U.S., hit the ground running with a black vintage fashion icon from the South Side of Chicago. Finally, break bread at the intersection of art, poetry and race politics at an iconic Washington, D.C. restaurant.

#111 The Detox Diaries
A regular detox routine can keep the pounds off, clear the mind and help “press the reset button” on our health. In fact, in India, detoxing has been an essential part of life for thousands of years. On this episode, we venture high into the Himalayas for a healing yoga detox at one of the world’s best healing hotels. It’s difficult if not impossible to escape from technology these days, so we venture way off the grid to an ancient monastery tucked into the hills of Umbria, Italy for a digital detox. Luckily you don’t have to travel across the world for a cleanse, you can do it right from your kitchen. We learn how a raw vegan detox can supercharge our health, from a Washington, D.C. based raw food pioneer.

#112 Future Forward
The Jetsons, Back to the Future, and the Minority Report all paint a fantastic picture of what the future will look like--flying self driving cars, anyone? But there are many ideas, innovations and communities that give us an experience of what a better future looks like right now. Buckle your seatbelts and take a leap forward with us as we visit sustainable Singapore. There we dig into its melting pot, which harmoniously integrates race, religion and culture into some of the tastiest street food in the world. In Indonesia we tap into our ancient roots to uncover pearls of wisdom for a better tomorrow. Then we ride on the cutting edge of the cruelty free movement in Italy, with a carbon zero vegan leather factory outfitting the world’s top sports cars.

#113 What We’re Hopeful For
During dark times, it can be tough to stay positive about the future. So on this episode, we’re bringing you a dose of inspiration. We jet off to Hong Kong for an upcycled fashion show that turns trash into couture treasure. Then we go behind bars, where Bhakti yoga is bringing inner freedom and faith to incarcerated adults in the darkest corners of America. Finally, we hit the streets of Oakland, California for an uplifting musical performance from mindful folk artist Mikey Pauker.

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