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BURT WOLF: Travels & Traditions

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BWTT 2100 H1
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6 / 30
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Burt Wolf Productions LLC
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Burt Wolf chats visits interesting people and places in search of exploring our traditions.

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#2101 Dealing With the Changing World, Part 1
Throughout history, specific countries have become strong — they’ve peaked and then declined, only to be replaced by a different country following the same path. In this and the following program, Burt takes a look at how Holland rose to the top, declined, and was replaced by England, which was eventually replaced by the United States.

#2102 Dealing With the Changing World, Part 2
This is Burt’s second program that takes a look at how specific countries have become strong, peaked, and then declined, to be replaced by a different country following the same path. We’ll also learn the history of money - how various cultures developed and used it in exchange for items they valued.

#2103 Guatemala: What's Mayan is Yours
In this program, Burt travels through Guatemala looking at the history of the Mayan people who have lived there for over 5,000 years. We meet the god of drinking and smoking who hides out with different families each year and we brave the danger of riding on a chicken bus.

#2104 Shopping in the Palm Beaches of Florida
Burt takes a look at the history of shopping and what it’s like to shop at the epicenter of shopping on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach, Florida. We also check out the great values at the Church Mouse consignment shop that gives its profits to charity and we’ll see what’s happening at the most famous Green Market in the United States.

#2105 Freedom of Speech, Part 1
Freedom of Speech is central to Burt’s work, which is why he put together two programs dealing with the subject. In this first program, he takes a look at how it became central to the activities of the federal government of the United States and how it has become modified and restricted over the years. Freedom of Speech does not allow you to yell “fire” in a crowded theatre when there is no fire.

#2106 Freedom of Speech, Part 2
In “Freedom of Speech, Part 2,” Burt takes a look at the history of our right to be heard. The right to Freedom of Speech is not very valuable if you can’t be heard. In this program, we discover who controls the distribution of what we say and what we can do to protect that right.

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