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BURT WOLF: Travels & Traditions

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BWTT 002000 H1
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6 / 30
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Burt Wolf Productions LLC
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Burt Wolf travels the world in search of interesting traditions.

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#2001 Neil Young and the Meaning of Success - Malibu, CA
In 2017, Dan Hesse co-hosted a program with Burt about what “success” meant to famous people. In this program, Burt introduces Dan and his interview with singer, Neil Young, who talks about his childhood, his love of music, his experiences in business, and what “success” means to him.

#2002 The Hospital of the Future - Wallingford, CT
Burt visits a non-profit hospital called Gaylord that specializes in helping people get through some of their most devastating medical problems. The staff works with each patient, teaching skills that will help them return to a normal life. Burt talks to patients and their families about their experiences and interviews the staff. This is what the hospital of the future might look like.

#2003 Sleep and Why You Need It - San Francisco, CA
Not getting enough sleep can increase the risk of stroke, heart attack, asthma, and kidney disease. In many parts of the United States, 40% of the population is not getting enough sleep. In this program, Burt talks to Professor Matthew Walker, one of the world’s leading experts on sleep. Professor Walker explains the good things that happen to your brain and body when you get a proper amount of sleep, and what you can do to improve your sleep.

#2004 Teach Me Something New - South Florida
Burt’s son Nicholas has been traveling with film crews since he was a year old and on each trip, he learned something new. In this program, Nicholas joins his dad in South Florida, to learn a few new skills — how to surf fish, how to scuba dive, how to take photographs in a bird sanctuary, and how to cook and eat a lobster.

#2005 The History & Future Of Communication , Part 1
This is the first of two programs that trace the history and future of communication. Burt takes a look at the development of writing, the early cave paintings, the ideagram, and the 7,000-year history of communication in China. He also checks out the earliest telephones, the first mobile phones, and the first days of Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

#2006 The History & Future Of Communication, Part 2
In this second of two programs that trace the history and future of communication, Burt takes a look at some of the amazing things people are doing with their mobile phones. We see how a mobile phone mounted on the helmet of a blind skier allows her to compete in the Paralympics, how mobile phones are being used to test for vision problems in young children, and how they are being used to track sounds in the rainforest and spot illegal loggers.

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