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Shot entirely on location, Burt Wolf travels the world looking at our unique history, culture and traditions. This season, Burt travels to the Palm Beaches of Florida to find out how it got to be the favorite vacation spot for the rich and famous. He visits China to try and understand their business model that combines capitalism with communism. He investigates the best way to make decisions and how decisions by President Truman, Pablo Picasso, and the founder of The Bank of America changed the world.

#1901 Palm Beach Scrapbook, Part 1
The rich and famous don’t always get to choose where they work. Think of Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in African Queen. But they usually get to decide where they are going to live, especially when it comes to their vacation homes. In this program Burt visits The Palm Beaches of Florida to check out the families that originally made it the most important vacation location in the U.S. and the people who came along recently like Burt Reynolds and Jimmy Buffett.

#1902 Palm Beach Scrapbook, Part 2
In this program, we take a quick look at the careers of Rod Stewart, Jack Nicholas, Greg Norman, and Venus and Serena Williams. We discover the story of how NASCAR racing got started, learn about an art form that has a fourth dimension, and the non-endangered species known as “Snow Birds”. We also get to see Burt’s son Nicholas in his very own television segment during which he investigates trail biking in The Palm Beaches.

#1903 China Ancient and Modern
Starting about 200 years before the birth of Christ, a trade route was developed that linked China with the Mediterranean. It was built by the rulers of China’s Hun Dynasty and for 1,500 years it was used to trade silk, and other articles of value. It was known as the Silk Road and ran through China, India, Persia, Arabia, Greece, and Rome. In addition to Silk, it also exchanged ideas and religions. These days, China is developing a modern equivalent to the Silk Road known as the “Belt and Road Initiative”. Burt travels to China to explore the history of the ancient road and learn about the new road. He also visits the Great Wall of China, which was built to protect the road.

#1904 Mapping Business in China
Burt looks at the work of a celebrated economist at Harvard University who believed that all commercial progress was made by creative individuals trying to get rich and that governments were no help. Burt thinks that may no longer be the case, so he joined up with Jonathan Krane, one of the world’s leading investment strategists. Together they traveled throughout China taking a look at how business works in one of the world’s largest economies

#1905 Decisions
Every day we make decisions. Some are simple - Rocky Road or Cherry Garcia, bus or walk, umbrella or not. Some decisions are considerably more complex - accept or reject a proposal of marriage, live where you are or move. And some decisions change the world. In this program, Burt takes viewers to Paris, the Basque country of Spain, San Francisco, California, Washington, D.C. and New York City to research the decisions that resulted in the Atomic Bomb being dropped on Hiroshima, a painting that showed the world that Franco and Hitler had teamed-up to murder the people of Guernica, and how, in the middle of the San Francisco earthquake, the Bank of America got started. Burt also talks to Bob Dilenschneider, a communications expert, about how you can make your most effective decisions.

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