BURT WOLF: Travels & Traditions

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Shot entirely on location, Travels & Traditions looks at the world’s history, culture, customs, festivals, and tourist attractions.

#1801 Gone Fishing / Palm Beach / Part One
We discover the history of deep sea sport fishing and why the Palm Beaches of Florida became the world epicentre of the sport. We learn why people like Ernest Hemingway and the Lone Ranger were attracted to the sport. We visit with the slightly dysfunctional family that invented the sport fishing boat and see how those boats and the family have changed over the years.

#1802 Gone Fishing / Palm Beach / Part Two
Burt takes a look at the nautical phrases that have come into popular use like “cup of joe” and “feeling blue”. We discover the importance of catch-and-release programs, and the women who have become stars of the deep-sea fishing sport. We meet a mechanic who flies his plane around the world to fix deep sea sports fishing boats and we witness Burt catching and releasing a 7- (or maybe 5-) foot shark.

#1803 A History Of Chocolate / Part One
We find out who was the first European to see a cacao bean and discover its role as the local money of the Maya. We trace chocolate’s arrival in Europe, its acceptance by the Church, and its reputation as an aphrodisiac. Burt tours the Italian city of Torino, checks on the “Shroud” and stops into a 350-year-old chocolate café to get the recipe for the local chocolate speciality. We visit the streets of Torino where Michael Caine drove his mini Cooper in The Italian Job, and where Audrey Hepburn starred in War and Peace.

#1804 A History Of Chocolate / Part Two
We visit a Hacienda in Venezuela to find out how the finest chocolate beans are being saved from extinction and how they are grown and fermented. We follow the beans back to Italy and see how they are selected and processed into chocolate bars. Burt attends a professional chocolate tasting class, during with he shares the secrets of the pros.

#1805 The History Of Water
As Burt travels around the world he is often confronted with the need to purchase water, which led to an interest in the cost and ecology of bottled water and the history of water in general. In this program we look at how life adjusts to the need for water in different parts of the world, and its chemistry as a liquid, a solid and a gas. We also look at the part water plays in all major religions and a new form of water that was invented in Japan.

#1806 Great Art Undiscovered
Burt travels through Europe and the United States looking at the history of great artists who were never appreciated during their lifetime. Vincent Van Gogh lived at the end of the 1800s and during his life sold one or two paintings. These days, a single work by Van Gogh goes for over $100 million dollars. Same for Van Gogh’s friend, Paul Gauguin. Ignored during his life, now his works sell for over $300 million a painting. Burt talks about his desire to become a painter or photographer and how his need to pay the rent ended that plan. He introduces us to a non-profit organization called Artrepeneur that is trying to show artists how to sell their works.

#1807 How To Sell The Art You Create
Burt learns how painters, sculptures, photographers and other artists can use a non-profit organization to bring their work to the attention of the public. He traces the success of two artists, one in Europe and one in the United States and how they used the internet to gain access to the art market with being represented by a major gallery. He shows us how to use the internet to present our own works and why the idea of being an unknown artist might be coming to an end.

#1808 A Short Guide To Cellphone Safety
Burt takes a quick look at the history of communication from the cavemen to the alphorn, to the telephone and finally the cellphone. He traces how the cellphone has changed his work and family life as he travels around the world. He also tracks down a series of stories in the United States and Europe that suggests that the cellphone may not be as safe as most of us thought. He meets with experts in England, Italy, France and the United States to find out how we can deal with the problems that are emerging. And finally, Burt follows an Apple developer’s conference where they are working on apps to limit your use of their own products.

#1809 Travel And The Danger Of Radio Frequency Radiation
As Burt and his family travel around the world they are constantly confronted with the newest advances in wireless communication. Cellphones, pads, computers, earphones, and sleep monitors were well-known to him. But in Hong Kong he saw a Jump Rope connect to a mobile app. A doctor in New York suggested a wireless blood pressure monitor. In Chicago he saw a wireless device to improve your posture and a friend’s house in Florida has a wireless smart water controller. At the same time, he began to see more and more research about the dangers of the radio frequency radiation that is associated with these devices. Of special interest were the antennas, cell towers and street polls that empower the system. This program explains what he saw and how to protect yourself.

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