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It’s fresh! Fresh recipe ideas from today’s most innovative chefs, combined with farm-fresh food. Both come straight out of the field, right to your home. Host Laura McIntosh introduces viewers to some of California’s most renowned restaurants and innovative chefs. They travel to farms throughout the state where she and her guest chef use a mobile kitchen to produce some dazzlingly delicious dishes, using ingredients fresh-picked from the soil. We also meet some of the hard-working, dedicated farm families whose pride in their product is abundantly revealed, and whose commitment to freshness, quality, and environmental stewardship also shines through. Says Laura, “Our recipes are as practical as they are delicious, designed to enhance the food’s natural flavors. We keep it simple so the dishes are fun and easy to prepare.”

Episode #201: Leafy Greens
Farmer: Nick Fanoe: Salinas, CA
Chef: Val Cantu
Laura heads to Salinas, California to meet the farmers behind leafy greens. One farmer whose family has been making it work for over 100 years is Nick Fanoe. It is there that Laura learns more about their rich family history and about what it truly means to be a sustainable farmer. Laura brings two starred Michelin chef Val Cantu from California’s restaurant in San Francisco, to Nick Fanoe’s farm. Together they create vibrant dishes that explore Val’s roots while using what’s fresh.

Episode #202: Sweet Potatoes
Farmer: A.V. Thomas - Livingston, CA
Chef: Brad Cecchi, Sacramento, CA
It is in Livingston, California that Laura visits one of the largest organic sweet potato growers in the United States. Here she learns all about how they grow sweet potatoes and the generous contributions they make to the community and to each other. Joining Laura in the field is award winning chef, Brad Cecchi from Canon East in Sacramento. Together they cook with this super-food and show us just how delicious sweet potatoes taste by creating new dishes using the beloved sweet potato.

Episode #203: Brussels Sprouts
Farmer: Paul Scheid-Monterey, CA
Chef: Emily Sarlatte
Laura travels to Monterey, California to see just how fresh and beautiful Brussels sprouts are grown year-round. She meets farmer Paul Scheid to see how their expert harvesters hand “pick” each sprout straight from their tall stalks. Joining Laura in the Brussels sprouts field is award winning Chef Emily Sarlatte from La Marcha in Berkeley, California. Together, they combine Emily’s unique Spanish style cuisine with Brussels sprouts to create recipes that will leave everyone wanting to eat more of this delicious vegetable.

Episode #204: Garlic
Farmers: Christopher Ranch-Gilroy, CA
Chef: Shawn Naputi, San Francisco, CA
Laura heads to Gilroy, California to introduce us to one of the oldest garlic farm families. There, she explores the family history of Christopher Ranch Garlic and how they still strive towards the same quality that has been the hallmark of the family business for over 60 years. Laura showcases the newest trend, “Guam style” cuisine with Chef Shawn Naputi from Prubechu in San Francisco. Together they create exotic dishes that use the most beloved ingredient: garlic. Straight from the field, Laura and Shawn create fresh recipes that will inspire anyone who loves garlic.

Episode #205: Full of Fresh
Farmer: Pacific Grove Farmers Markets
Chef Andrew Sutton- Napa Rose, Anaheim, CA
Laura experiences the true meaning of locally sourced from Chef Andrew Sutton of Napa Rose. She learns of his passion behind each dish and just how important it is to source locally. Chef Andrew creates dishes that will leave everyone wanting more. Designing a great team is as important as designing a great dish, and Sutton has made that his mission. With a little culinary magic and the help of local farmers’ markets, fresh is as easy as Napa Rose.

Episode #206: Farm Fresh Herbs and Tomatoes
Farmer: Kenter Canyon Farms: Filmore, CA
Chef: Nathan Peisto, Los Angeles, CA
In this episode, Laura finds Nathan Peisto pulling double duty as both second-generation farmer of Kenter Canyon Farms and executive chef of Farmhouse restaurant in Los Angeles, California. Laura explores this perfect pairing to find out what it’s really like be both farmer and chef. Nathan works directly with his family farm and the region’s top farmers to grow, harvest, and create his menu for the restaurant. Nathan gives us an inside look at his passion for farming and how what’s in season has inspired him to be a chef of his own restaurant.

Episode #207: Artichokes
The starlet of Artichokes - Marilyn Monroe
Farmer: Joe Pezzini: Castroville, CA
Chef: Chris Vacca, Highlands Inn, Carmel, CA
Laura travels to Castroville, California, "The Artichoke Capital of the World". She explores the long history of fresh artichokes and the Italian heritage that brought them west. Laura meets Joe Pezzini, who explains how his Italian family was part of the artichoke’s long farming heritage in Castroville. Laura invites Italian Chef Chris Vacca from Highlands Inn in Carmel, California to share old and new Italian recipes. Together, they explore the flavor of the artichoke and the best ways to cook with what’s fresh.

Episode #208: Watermelon
Farmer: Dan Van Groningen: Manteca, CA
Chef: Alex Flores, Anaheim, California
Nothing says summer better than watermelon. Laura brings one of the most beloved berries, the watermelon, to one of the happiest places on earth. Sharing the story behind one of the largest watermelon growers in the country is Dan Van Groningen. Through his innovation and with help from his family, they have expanded how melons are brought to market. Like our featured Chef and restaurant, innovation is at the helm of Carthay Circle. Cooking up delicious recipes, Chef Alex Flores and Laura combine fresh flavors with a fun and unique dining experience that all ages can enjoy.

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