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It’s fresh! Fresh recipe ideas from today’s most innovative chefs, combined with farm-fresh food. Both come straight out of the field, right to your home. The key is the series’ celebrated host, Laura McIntosh. “You’ve heard of MTV’s 'Behind the Music'?,” says Laura. “I see our show as ‘Behind the Food.’” Laura travels throughout the United States and beyond. She takes viewers out to the farms that produce the most abundant and delicious crops. Then she brings them together with culinary wizards that turn this bountiful harvest into fresh, healthy, gourmet meals the whole family will enjoy. The program features recipes and ideas you can bring home. “ You don’t have to spend a day hunting down specialty food stores to find exotic ingredients,” says Laura. “Our recipes are as practical as they are delicious, designed to enhance the food’s natural flavors. We keep it simple so the dishes are fun and easy to prepare.”

Episode 101 “Seafood from the Gulf”
Laura catches a feast today from the Gulf, and no one shows her how to cook it better than Mr. Louisiana himself, Celebrity Chef John Folse. Of course everyone needs a seaworthy boat, captain and secret ingredient to bring enough fish home to feed a hungry crew of guests waiting off shore. Laura also discusses the fresh waters off the coast with Secretary Robert Barham. Boy, he likes seafood. Ahoy, today we sail! For easy recipe ideas and tips, watch our Laura@Home segment featuring a Fresh Crab dish inspired by the Gulf & Chef John Folse!

Episode 102 “Fresh Fig Recipes”
Laura travels throughout California in search of one of the best fruits that Fall has to offer, figs! Laura learns from fig farmer, Kevin Herman, about the different varieties and origin of California Figs. While fresh in the fig orchard, Laura cooks with Chef Robert Del Grande of Café Annie in Houston, Texas. Chef Del Grande brings his big ideas to classic fig recipes and prepares an array of hearty dishes. For easy recipe ideas and tips, check out the Laura@Home segment featuring Prosciutto Wrapped Figs with Gorgonzola, Walnuts and Honey.

Episode 103 “Fresh from Boston”
Laura takes a quick trip to Boston and leaves no stone unturned as she visits Chef Frank McClelland’s farm. We cook and explore the farm that feeds both his family and restaurant. Laura makes another stop to see friend and Chef Bill Brodsky then dives deep into an authentic Cranberry harvest. Working up an appetite while in the bogs, Laura stops in at landmark restaurants to fuel up on delicious dishes and makes a few pit stops along the way to soak up Boston. For easy recipe ideas and tips, check out the Laura@Home segment featuring a Cranberry Mignonette.

Episode 104 “Baking”
Join Laura as she bakes the day away under a raisin arbor that’s minute away from harvest. In this episode we will discover how raisins are cultivated and cooked. Laura uses this fresh ingredient to make sweet treats with friend and pastry Chef Bill Corbett. Laura will learn raisin-farming practices with Steve Kister, a third generation grower. Steve shares with Laura the lay of the land and reaffirms his sustainable farming practices. For easy recipe ideas and tips, check out the Laura@Home segment featuring a flavored whipped cream recipe!

Episode 105 “Southern Inspired Recipes”
They say southern food is good for the soul and these recipes will certainly do the trick. Laura invites Chef Dean Dupuis a New England Native to the Central Valley to show off deep southern flair. The surprising bounty of greens showcased in the episode demonstrates this regions unique microclimate that is a secret treasure. Laura finds other treasure in the region with a family estate that began from less than modest means. Join our new segment of Laura@Home to prepare a collard green relish that is ready to add a southern inspiration to any recipe. Let’s learn how to make Chow Chow!

Episode 106 “Fresh Cherry Recipes”
Laura invites friend and Executive Chef Patrick Mulvaney to Bringing It Home! Patrick shares exciting and easy recipes using fresh cherries in this episode of Bringing It Home. Watch and learn as Laura and Chef Mulvaney prepare these recipes straight from Laura’s family orchard. How delicate are cherries to harvest…we will show you. Want more? Then don’t miss the Laura@Home segment as she prepares her “Skinny” Simple Syrup. Learn how to make your favorite drinks with less guilt!

Episode 108 “Harvest”
Laura travels to see one of the best disappearing acts for Fall, the Gravenstein apple harvest. The first apples to ripen in late summer are quickly disappearing. It is delicious and most arguably the most hallowed apple for the country states grower, Steve Dutton. Getting his Northern Carolina boots dirty, friend and Chef Dale Ray shares some harvest time recipes with Laura underneath these beautiful trees. Watch our Laura@Home segment as she prepares a squash-serving bowl for Chef Ray’s Garden Winter Squash Soup. Want that extra nutty flavor? Try roasting the bowl in the oven!

Episode 109 “Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes”
Taking a trip to Napa only gets better when Laura meets up with Chef Michael Chiarello to cook with fresh heirloom tomatoes at Connolly Ranch. Together they cook, they laugh and they learn. At the ranch, Laura meets Eileen Chiarello who explains the sustainable farming program for kids. Join Laura on Bringing It Home as she follows heirloom tomatoes from the field to the table with recipes such as Pappa al Pomodoro. Learn how to make “Pomegranate Caviar” with Laura@Home. These pearls are fun to make and full of flavor. This recipe can also be used to prepare balsamic “caviar” as featured in Chef Chiarello’s recipe.

Episode 110 “Fresh Lemon Recipes”
Laura McIntosh travels to what's fresh this week, Lemons! Laura will cook with Chef Jason Collis as he shows us four refreshing recipes that feature lemons. Learn how this citrus fruit is grown as we walk through a lush and aromatic lemon grove with grower Greg Patterson. Lemons are so versatile, from cooking and cleaning uses to herbal remedies. Lemons are great for decorating and brightening any room or add a little color to any occasion. Join Laura@Home to watch our segment featuring Laura’s favorite ways to decorate with fresh lemons!

Episode 111 “Garden Fresh Dishes”
Laura visits the beautiful and historic Napa Valley. While in town, she stops by the Culinary Institute of America to see Chef Scott Samuel. Chef Samuel shows us the lush and fresh gardens where daily harvests take place. The students like us, learn the benefits of sustainability and using fresh ingredients in their recipes during classes at the CIA. Join Laura and Chef Scott for delicious recipes and the breath taking views of the Napa Valley. For easy recipe ideas and tip check out the Laura@Home segment featuring watermelon slicing tips, fun and easy!

Episode 112 “ Fresh from Mexico”
Laura knows that corn is a staple in many cultures, but no more important than in Hispanic cuisine. How it’s grown and where it comes from is the most important start but showcasing the variety of dishes it can be used in is exciting and adventurous, too. Join Laura and guest Chef Carolen Barrett as she takes us to Mexico to uncover a taste of the culture, adventure and food. For easy recipe ideas and tips check out our Laura@Home segment featuring a delicious Tropical Guacamole recipe!

Episode 113 “Holiday”
With all the excitement of the Holiday season, it’s nice to rely on recipes that we know will always taste great. Laura relies on one of her favorite chefs to pull it all together and invites him out for the holidays -Chef Josh Thomsen! In the field with Laura, Chef creates a beautiful Roasted Pheasant dish, Beef Short Ribs, Brussel Sprouts with Oyster Mushrooms & Pancetta and Potato Latkes. Laura thanks him with a spectacular Pomegranate Martini! Watch our all-new Laura@Home segment featuring Laura’s favorite Farro Salad.

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