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BTWG 0400 H1
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4 / 30
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Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
Rocky Mountain PBS
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Our world’s most iconic aerospace treasures

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#401 Early Space Exploration
90-character description: Exploration is in our DNA, and when it comes to space, we have a lot to explore!

400-character description: Early Space Exploration is defined by a Space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. The first Astronauts to walk on the moon train with indigenous people in Panama. Astronauts experience a psychological shift called The Overview Effect, and the ISS marks a new focus on collaboration in Space. Exploration is in our DNA, and when it comes to space, we have a lot to explore!

#402 Earth From Space
90-character description: Satellites and their sensors provide a unique vantage to look back at Earth.

400-character description: Satellite sensing enables new discoveries about climate change, natural disasters, and civilization. Researchers are using satellites to create prediction models of watersheds. Mapping technology has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives. With the exponential increase in satellites in recent years comes a need for more space infrastructure, and new challenges like space debris.

#403 The New Space Race
90-character description: Commercialization in the space industry brings a new era of innovation and exploration.

400-character description: Technological advances and private investments have enabled a new era in space exploration with private astronauts and space stations. The impacts are profound in the variety and frequency of space activity. Space for Humanity envisions a future where anyone can be an astronaut, and Astro Access took that even further when they crewed a training mission entirely for people with disabilities.

#404 The Next Frontier in Space
90-character description: A return to the moon is imminent, and exploration continues into deep space.

400-character description: NASA is preparing for their Orion missions, including the first-crewed mission to the moon in about 50 years. Plans for a lunar gateway will teach us more about working and living in Space. In the Utah desert, researchers are simulating what it would be like to be on Mars. There are still problems to solve, but when we do, it could change everything.

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