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In Season Eight, Backstage Pass features nationally renowned musicians from indie folk artists like The Accidentals, to motivational hip-hop & spoken word poet Mama Sol, to the musical musings of Americana Singer/Songwriter Joshua Davis. BackStage Pass captures the sights and sounds of open-air festivals and in studio performances. While giving viewers an exclusive backstage pass to the musician’s dressing rooms where they reveal the inspiration behind their lyrics, performances, and musical influences.

#801 Joshua Davis
Joshua Davis, Michigan-based singer/songwriter and 2016 finalist on NBC's The Voice, plays "Let Me In," "The Little Things," and more from his newest album, "The Way Back Home." Backing up Davis: Drew Howard, pedal steel guitar; Mike Lynch, keyboards; Dominic John Davis, bass; and Michael Shimmin, drums and percussion. Recorded March 2017 at WKAR Studio A on the Michigan State campus.

#802 Mama Sol and Tha N.U.T.S
Hip-hop artist Mama Sol, a native of Flint Mich., performs songs "Hard to Swallow" and "Thankful." Sol and her band, Tha N.U.T.S, bring awareness to the Flint water crisis and give a positive message through her powerful music. Recorded at WKAR Studio A on the Michigan State campus.

#803 Danielle Nicole
Singer Danielle Nicole brings a soulful performance at the Michigan BluesFest. Highlights include, “Wolf Den,” “Just Take It All,” and “Jolene.” Recorded at Michigan BluesFest 2016 in the capital city’s historic Old Town district.

#804 Off the Ledge/Stella!
Combining rock, jazz, and reggae, Off the Ledge performs original songs including “Clap O’ Thunder.” Then, folk trio Stella brings their three part harmonies and folk sound to the stage, with performances like “Gotham Hotel” and “Chocolate Jesus.” Recorded at WKAR Studio A.

#805 Nicole New and the Woodward Horns
Originally from Detroit, singer Nicole New puts a spin on classic jazz songs as well as contemporary hits. Featured with Nicole are the four-piece horn section from Detroit The Woodward Horns. Performances include “Big Spender,” “Lovesong,” and “Seven Nation Army.” Recorded at Lansing JazzFest 2016 the capital city’s historic Old Town district.

#806 Bobby Murray
Etta James guitarist Bobby Murray pays tribute to the legendary blues singer at Michigan BluesFest. Murray performs her classic hits, like “At Last,” “I Got the Will,” and “Woman.” Featured with Bobby are vocalists Tasha Owens, Kearia Lashae, Jay Jolley, and Lenny Watkins. Recorded at Michigan BluesFest 2016 in Lansing’s Old Town district.

#807 Lowdown Brass
Hailing from Chicago, Low Down Brass combines funk, jazz, and hip-hop to create their unique sound. Low Down Brass performs a fun, energetic set at Lansing JazzFest in Old Town. Highlights include, “Can I Kick It?” and “I Got That Feeling.” Recorded at Lansing JazzFest in the capital city’s historic Old Town district.

#808 The Crane Wives
Grand Rapids natives The Crane Wives blend genres like folk, Americana, and rock to create an innovative sound. Recorded at WKAR’s Studio A, The Crane Wives performs original songs including, “Hard Sell,” “Curses,” and “The Garden.”

#809 The Accidentals
Originating in Traverse City, Michigan, The Accidentals bring their genre blending sound to Backstage Pass. The trio are joined by Michigan singer and musician, Jake Allen. Recorded in WKAR’s Studio A, The Accidentals perform hits like “Memorial Day,” and “Crow’s Feet,” and “Michigan and Again”.

#810 Best of Season 8
Best of Season 8 showcases the top performances from Nicole New and the Woodward Horns, Low Down Brass, The Crane Wives, Stella, Off the Ledge, Danielle Nicole, Bobby Murray, The Accidentals, Mama Sol and Tha N.U.T.S, and Joshua Davis.

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