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ASIAN AMERICAN LIFE is a multiple Emmy nominated, half- hour news magazine series about the fast growing immigrant population in the United States. Topical news and cutting edge issues like racial profiling and stereotypes are examined and explored. The show profiles Asians American leaders in business, politics, entertainment and the arts. Asian American Life is produced by CUNY TV, our nationally syndicated news magazine program reaches more than 7 million households nationwide.

#401 - All across America, the issue of race based admission and the recent Supreme Court’s decision on affirmative action is a hot button issue. We look at the in-depth report on the future of affirmative action for Asian Americans. Plus Asian Americans are the fastest growing immigrant population in the U.S., making up over 5% of the national population – but when we look at the number of Asian Americans in office, they are still in the minority. Guest include Don Lee, Candidate for New York State Assembly. In honor of the 15th anniversary of September 11th, the Sikh Coalition is exhibiting intimate portraits of Sikh Americans and their contribution to this country. Guest include Major Kamalijeet Sing Calsi of the U.S. Army. Caesar Chavez is a historical figure and civil rights activist, but little is known about the Filipino farm workers' Delano Grape Strike of September 1965. These men fought for fair wages and better working conditions. Guest include Dawn Mabalon, Scholar at San Francisco State University.

#402 - Chinatowns were once considered the oldest and largest ethnic communities in the U.S.A. Today, many are disappearing and our guest Margaret Chin, Professor of Sociology at Hunter College examines the history of over 150 yers and how gentificiation are putting pressure on immigrants. The Phantom of The Opera is the longest running musical on Broadway, and they’ve cast Ali Ewoldt, first Asian American actress in the leading role.
Asian Americans are the fastest growing ethnic population in the United States - their numbers could influence the presidential election this year. We look at the Asian American voter population and the political, social and economical issues they’re most concerned with. Plus Ron Darling, Major League Baseball Pitcher for the New York Mets talks about his new book “Game 7, 1986: Failure and Triumph in the Biggest Game of My Life."

#403 - Host Ernabel Demillo interviews journalist and activist Jose Antonio Vargas who found himself in the hot seat championing immigrants' rights. The U.S.A has been the land of opportunity for immigrants, but many of the children of these immigrants are returning back to their parents homeland for work. Plus we cook up a storm with the founders and chefs of Eat Offbeat, a new startup of ethnic cuisines that help refugees bring their food to your home. We also report on the world’s oldest master yogi who’s an award winning ballroom dancer, actress, and a WWII resistance fighter who marched with Gandhi. We profile artist Collette Fu who creates the world’s largest pop-up books, combining photographer, bookmaking and sculpture.

#404 - In this special edition, we trace the roots of where your favorite Chinese food and dishes come from and look at the hottest Asian American food trends in the country. Plus a feature on ramen noodles, the world’s most favorite comfort food. Food scholar and historian Heather Lee explains why there’s a Chinese restaurant on every street corner, and the proliferation can be traced back to one historical event in American history.
After years of taking a backseat to other Asian foods in the culinary world, Filipino cuisine is finally taking off and restaurant critics are giving it a 5 star rating.

#405 - In this episode, we report on the Filipino American’s response to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, also known as the Trump of the East. Guest include scholars Luis Francia of New York University. We also explore the changing face of Christianity with Asian Americans. Plus a special feature on the diverse cast of Disney’s Aladdin, the most popular musical on Broadway – guest include Actors Adams Jacobs, Courtney Reed and Don Darryl River. We interview best-selling author Patricia Park whose book “Re Jane” is taking Hollywood by storm.

#406 - In this special edition, we commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the “Day of Remembrance,” the internment of Japanese American citizens in the United States, also known as Executive Order 9066 during World War II. We share the untold stories of Japanese Americans who were either interned themselves, or had family members who were forced to relocate into internment camps in the United States. Reporter Ernabel Demillo hosts this special from the Noguchi Museum Exhibit “Self Interned, 1942: Noguchi in Poston War Relocation Center. She shares the stories behind the art of Isamu Noguchi.

#407 - Asian American organizations and communities are speaking out against President Trump’s immigration ban, Islamophobia, and the lessons learned from the Japanese Internment Camps during World War II. Plus we report on the fate of undocumented students nationwide in light of President Trump’s immigration ban. AAL looks at the latest policy change with India’s booming surrogacy industry, and how it affects American foreigners who are “renting” women’s women. Plus a special look at the award winning documentary The Eagle Huntress, which chronicles the life of a 13-year old girl who trains to become the first female eagle hunter in Mongolia.

#408 - AAL exclusive report on sex trafficking – we interview guest Shandra Woworuntu, an activist who survived sex trafficking, and Restore, an organization that identifies and helps trafficked women. Plus a political report on who’s who in President Trump’s administration. “Koryo Saram” also known as Koreans from the Soviet Union have found a second home here in the U.S., and we share their untold history. One Days Wages fights to end global poverty -- it started when an average family chose to donate one year’s salary in hopes of inspiring others to simply donate their One Day’s Wages.

#409 - Fighting till the end: We report on broken the promises of Filipino American World War II veterans. Plus we interview author Min Jin Lee whose national best-selling and New York Times top 10 book of the year “Pachinko,” tells the story of four generations of a Korean immigrant family. We also explore the history of the fortune cookie, and why it’s become one of America’s favorite cookie. Plus Miss Saigon returns to Broadway and Host Ernabel Demillo interview their lead actress Eva Noblezada.

#410 - A recent 2017 study by the Cancer Prevention Institute of California finds that breast cancer is on the rise among Asian American women. Host Ernabel Demillo reports on the recent findings, including interviews with top breast cancer surgeon Dr. Margaret Chen, breast cancer survivors, and SAPNA who’s doing outreach in the South East Asian community for free mammogram screenings. It’s been 35 years since a young Chinese American named Vincent Chin was brutally murdered in Detroit. The incident galvanized a Pan-Asian American movement and serves as an important movement in civil rights history. Plus, the feminist movement in the age of President Trump has brought women together in the fight for equality - but many women of color including AAPI women are still fighting to make their voices heard.

#411 - Asian American Life features the latest trends on food and popular performing arts -- Hailed as the new face of jazz, saxophonist Grace Kelly has performed with many jazz greats including Wynton Marsalis and Harry Connick Jr. She’s one of the very few young Asian American musicians to achieve great success before the age of 25. If you travel across the U.S., you’re likely to visit a hotel or motel owned by Indian Americans, also known as “Potels” — the reason behind how and why they came to dominate the hotel-motel business is more than just a simple story about an immigrant group achieving the American dream. All across America, there’s a growing appetite for Poke, a traditional Hawaiian dish made with raw fish. It’s become so popular on the East coast that they’re popping up in all major cities. When it comes to blogging food trends and influencing restaurant diners, Asian Americans dominate the social media landscape. Host Ernabel Demillo covers some of the top food bloggers in New York.

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