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NOLA Code:
AMWS 3000 H1
Number of Episodes/Length:
13 / 30
Rights End:
Sylvan Toolworks, Inc.
Year Produced:
Scott and Suzy Phillips return for their 30th season

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#3001 Vintage Glass Candy Cabinet Circa 1930s
Straight from the corner store comes this beautiful four-sided glass and red oak display case. Easy to build with simple tools! Blended Danish oil creates an old-world look. Tapered red oak plugs add the perfect finishing touch.

#3002 Live Edge Windsor Inspired Bench
Insider tips on creating live edge benches helps to make home crafting easy. Natural edges with curves and bark can be challenging to mill. Track saws are explained and demonstrated as the perfect addition to the home woodshop.

#3003 Turning Kitchen Gifts
Hard maple circular cutting boards along with turned pie servers and cheese planes are ideal gifts for every occasion. Turning wood is easy to do! See detailed steps to begin turning custom gifts. Made of colorful SpectraPly.

#3004 Woodcraft Magazine Tool Organizer
Designed as a freestanding red oak tool tower, comes a classic! It easily can be used in kitchens of any size as a utilities and baking keep. Steel Casters add a mid-century modern look. Originally designed by Woodcraft Magazine. Router cut half-blind dovetails are milled with the perfect jig.

#3005 Scroll Saw Art and Sign Making
This type of cutting is remarkable. These delicate blades cut the hardest of wood (hard maple) with ease. Suzy demonstrates the techniques that she uses for best results. She scrolls a reverse image tiger and Scott uses the same technique to complete an eagle. Routed lettering featured.

#3006 Resin Cast Turned Lamp
Scott creates these signature lamps using epoxy resin and turned parts. Internal LED lights make the turnings glow with inspiring light. See how ever step combines to make each lamp completely original! Pure magic!.

#3007 Art Glass Display Cabinet
Making something new from something old has never been more rewarding. A vintage piece of art glass is combined with a custom-made 35mm hinged hard maple cabinet. This Art and Crafts style is the perfect accent piece in any room. Internal lighting makes this colorful work come to life!

#3008 Carved Garden Chairs
Ready for a garden party? Well then these are the chairs for you! Playfully carved accents make these keyed chairs just right. Deceptively comfortable. They invite the viewer to have a seat! Created with a bandsaw, jig saw, cordless drill and carving chisels. Easy to make and pure fun!

#3009 Chippendale High Boy Carvings and Turnings
This period furniture design is inspired by Thomas Chippendale of the 1700s. Elegance in American black cherry. The scallop shell carvings are iconic and uniquely American. The final turnings just lift the eyes to the broken arch pediment. Breathtaking!

#3010 Finishing for the Ages / Queen Anne Low Boy Finishing Techniques
How do you get the perfect color on custom wooden works? Test samples! This show is completely dedicated to demystifying the finishing process. This episode shows the steps needed to finish with style and ease!

#3011 The Go-To Corner Chair
The chair is the most used daytime furniture in every home. This unconventional corner chair is the perfect way to make sitting in the corner fun. Made of a bent lamination arm rest supported by turned red oak spindles with a plank seat. You need to see this to believe it!

#3012 Easy Inlay Turned Boxes
Completely mesmerizing! These spinning creations of magical woods are inlaid with wonder!New materials and new techniques of inlaying elevate turned boxes to new heights. It’s impossible to have more fun in wood than by watching these spin to life! Also featured are chisel sharpening tips.

#3013 Cantilevered Tables
Designed to defy gravity, these tables just look right. The live edge walnut slab tops really look spectacular! A special interlocking pivot joint is used to form the leg assembly. Power sculpting the large wide slabs really makes the wood come to life!

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