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TALS 001100 H1
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Environment News Trust
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Compelling stories on critical issues facing our environment

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#1101 Sage Grouse, Curlew Grassland, Tribute to Gary Strieker
Protecting the sage grouse also protects one of the largest ecosystems in North America. Stream restoration work is preserving the sagebrush steppe of the Curlew National Grassland in Idaho. Gary Strieker was the founder and executive producer of This American Land. He inspired “conservation through storytelling.”

#1102 Safer Passage, Going for the Green, King of Camouflage
Recent innovations are vital to the survival of wildlife and fish as they travel in Colorado and Oregon. Greenways are valuable to urban dwellers as they enjoy nature within cities. Technology helps biologists protect a bird that’s very hard to see.

#1103 Ropeless Fishing to Save Whales, Women Hikers Give Back, Preserving Original Homesteads
A coalition endeavors to save the Right Whale while allowing fishermen to save their livelihoods. Immigrant women enjoy hiking together and working on volunteer park projects. Land owners use conservation easements to ensure that original homesteads survive.

#1104 Sending in the Marines, Feeding the Beach, and Trailblazing Volunteers
Marines and biologists join forces to give much-needed help to desert tortoises in California. An oceanside community in North Carolina finds a way to preserve its beach and its economy. Volunteers (and some llamas) come together to maintain mountain trails.

#1105 Friends of the Cheat River, Navajo Water, Saving the Red Wolf
A citizen-led effort in West Virginia overcomes pollution from mines and restores clean water with “an open hand rather than closed fist.” In the Navajo nation some homes finally get running water through an innovative program. A captive breeding program helps to save the red wolf, one of the most endangered animals.

#1106 Conserving Las Vegas Water, Outdoor Afro, People’s Garden, Motivation in Conservation
A multi-faceted effort ensures no water is wasted in Las Vegas. Host Ed Arnett talks to the founder of a group that inspires Black connections to nature. Urban gardening gains in popularity. We hear what inspires citizens to join conservation efforts.

#1107 Farmers Challenge Climate Change, The Salton Sea in Trouble, Songbirds Respond to Improved Habitat
Farmers in Iowa change their methods to confront climate change, pulling carbon from the atmosphere into the ground. The largest lake in California is in rapid decline, causing the loss of wildlife and threatening human health. A program to regenerate forest is already bringing songbirds back to the woods of Pennsylvania.

#1108 Confronting Sea Level Rise, Protecting Wyoming Public Lands, Revising Forest Plans
Scientists and homeowners use education and innovation to tackle rising sea levels in Norfolk, Va. Teams explore wilderness areas to determine the best uses for public lands in Wyoming. In North Carolina, diverse public interests contribute to the new plan for a large national forest.

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