#101  We visit a solar farm that is producing food and generating energy via Agrivoltaics, reflect with the founder of The Rocky Mountain Institute on the importance of saving energy, and learn from learn from an 11-year-old beekeeper about about the importance of bees.

#102  We visit a factory where the worlds first electric tractors are rolling off the assembly line, visit the Beringer Vineyard’s large solar array which is used to produce world class wines, and learn about Biochar, a soil additive that revitalizes depleted soils and helps sequester carbon.

#103  We travel to Washington State to the Skagit River Hydroelectric Project, the largest low impact hydro plant in the US that provides clean power to the City of Seattle, and learn about The Farm Collaborative which runs a farm incubation program to help young farmers practicing regenerative agriculture to succeed.

#104  We visit Canoo, an electric vehicle startup making electric vehicles that are affordable to everyone, and we learn about how Source Hydropanels has invented a system to harvest drinking water out of the air even in the driest climates on earth.

#105  We travel to Iowa where MidAmerican Energy is delivering 88% renewable energy to its customers using wind and solar power, and we visit EV West’s speed shop where classic gas powered cars are being preserved and converted to electric vehicles.

#106  We attend the exclusive UP Summit where innovative entrepreneurs, investors and policy makers meet to accelerate the future of mobility, and we visit Blue Rock Station a sustainable living center in Ohio where interns learn about eco-friendly buildings, renewable energy and green living.

#107  We tour of the Delta Electronics Net Zero corporate headquarters powered entirely by solar and geothermal energy, we visit a wind turbine blade factory, and learn about the “Clean Energy Columbus” program that mandates the city of Columbus, OH will run on 100% renewable energy.

#108  At MIT, we learn about how Quaise Energy’s “millimeter wave” drilling technology will enable access to deep geothermal energy to re-power the worlds fossil fuel driven power plants, and we tour the Sol Lux Alpha condominium where a solar canopy provides 100% renewable energy and powers electric vehicle chargers in the garage.

#109  Craig Lewis of The Clean Coalition explains how community solar microgrid projects help towns transition to locally generated clean energy, and we learn about how Beta Technologies is building a zero emission battery powered vertical takeoff and landing aircraft or eVTOL as they move toward decarbonizing the aviation industry.


#110  Law professor Jamie Van Nostrand teaches young lawyers to be a part of West Virginia’s “Just Transition,” toward a thriving renewable energy economy, and we learn about Loliware, a materials science company that’s developed seaweed pellets that can be used to create products that biodegrade safely and much faster than standard plastics.