Most of us know Washington is broken. Our federal government’s spending, regulation loopholes, and tax breaks are deeply corrupted; giving special interests unchecked power and unfair advantage. Fed up with this status quo, Americans keep electing people who pledge to change it — but to no avail. With expert testimony from high-ranking officials and leaders in the reform movement, UnRepresented reveals the barriers that keep the Federal government from enacting reforms to end political corruption. Special interests exercise undue influence over our elected officials through large investments in lobbying and election campaigns. In return, these officials give massive rewards to their investors with spending and tax breaks financed by unlimited debt, foreign governments, and wealthy financiers. While the political divide is wider than ever, the film also reveals that Democratic and Republican leaders in fact agree on passing basic reforms to outlaw the wanton corruption both parties take part in — giving hope to non-partisan solutions and a post-partisan future. The film highlights how Americans are building momentum to force Congress to break the cycle of corruption and the undue influence of money in our political system. UnRepresented serves as a rallying call to bring committed public servants, activists, and everyday citizens together across the partisan divide to restore our government back to one that serves the people.