KTWU presents Call of the Mummy: Theater of the Mind, in partnership with Playwright, Phil Grecian. In these radio play dramas, the actors play multiple roles and employ vintage microphones to simulate radio's Golden Age. It's radio you can see! 

It's 1941, an archaeological party has discovered two mummies in the long sought after tomb of Hatshepsut, who ruled as pharaoh in 18th Dynasty. One of the mummies disappears and members of the discovery party are found strangled by apparently ancient and supernatural hands. The second mummy walks out of the museum, leaving the body of the curator behind. Ace reporter Margo Mason senses a story when her old nemesis James Salton is summoned by the museum to track down the mummies. When a young British chanteuse answers the call of the mummy and is kidnapped through arcane forces, the chase begins along a trail of murder and an ancient curse.