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Almost a decade in the making, ARCTIC DANCE: THE MARDY MURIE STORY is a collaborative effort by a group of passionate filmmakers, writers, musicians, and biologists to produce the definitive film biography of this exceptional woman. Directed by Bonnie Kreps and written by Charles Craighead, the documentary is both an intimate portrait of a well-loved national figure and poignant historical document. Hundreds of photographs from Mardy’s years in Alaska were collected and catalogued, along with film footage of her years spent lobbying for wilderness conservation. Stories taken from her diaries and journals vividly recount the adventures that were her life. The film combines this archival material with more recent footage of Mardy in conversation with her friend Terry Tempest Williams. Harrison Ford narrates and Lyn Dalebout reads from Mardy’s books and journals as the voice of the young Mardy Murie. There are appearances by George Schaller, John Denver, Celia Hunter, and many, many others. The soundtrack features the music Mardy loved, performed and recorded by award-winning musicians like Jon Deak, Renee Siebert, Matt Flinner, Ben Winship, Phil Round, and Shelly and Kelly Rubrecht. The fil culminates with John Denver singing the waltz he wrote to Mardy and her late husband Olaus, "A Song for All Lovers" in an emotional and private performance. Suggested pledge breaks: This show is not formatted for pledge. The following break points are suggested: Segment 1: 22:35 Outcue: Narrator,"It would remain in her heart and guide her for the rest of her life." No fade - be sure to get out before dissolve to next shot begins. Segment 2: 19:58 Outcue: Video of van. No fade - be sure to get out before (very abrupt) cut to next shot. Segment 3: 12:55 Outcue: John Denver reaches out and takes Mardy’s hand. No fade - be sure to get out before dissolve to next shot. Segment 4: 1:12 Outcue: End credits fade to black. Be sure to get out before offer tag for DVD/VHS begins. Pledge premiums: DVD and VHS of program Contains more than 15 minutes of additional footage Must order at least 12 units (can be mix of VHS and DVD) Station cost: $12 Retail cost: $21.95 Fax orders to Bob Swerer Productions at 1-970-493-4590. If you have any questions, call 1-800-737-0239 Book: ARCTIC DANCE: THE MARDY MURIE STORY Description: Based on the critically acclaimed documentary film, ARCTIC DANCE: THE MARDY MURIE STORY tells the story of one ordinary woman who accomplished extraordinary things. This remarkable biographic photo-essay features photos from Murie's personal collection, excerpts from her letters and journals, along with a concise essay detailing her life story