About NETA

The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA) is a professional association representing 275 member stations in 46 states, the Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia. NETA provides leadership, general audience content, educational services, professional development and trusted financial management services, including human resources and benefits administration, to individual public media licensees, their affinity groups and public media as a whole.

NETA's history: 1997 - present
SECA: the original organization 1967 - 1997

NETA Staff List


NETA's members are public broadcasters:

FY 2020 NETA Members - Board Representatives List

Membership in NETA brings benefits: professional development for member staff people, the NETA program service and education center, program distribution to every public television station in the US, national representation, and information support across a network of peers.


NETA is governed by a board of directors composed of the general manager or designee from each member licensee and an elected representative from each of the eight professional councils and one elected representative from the affiliate members. NETA's unique board structure gives each member's concerns an equal hearing. In the aggregate, NETA's board represents almost half of the public television licensees.

NETA's FY 2020 executive committee members are:

Board Chair • Vickie Lawson, East Tennessee PBS, Knoxville, Tennessee
Vice Chair • Ron Pisaneschi, Idaho Public Television
Secretary • Laura Hunter, Utah Education Network, Salt Lake City
Treasurer • Gene Purcell, PBS Wisconsin
Member at large • Amy Burkett, Charlotte PBS
Member at large • Courtney Pledger, Arkansas Educational Television Network
Past Chair • Molly Phillips, Iowa PBS



Members of the NETA board of directors and staff represent the interests of NETA members on the boards and committees of APTS, CPB, and PBS as well as other national organizations related to public media.


NETA 2020

NETA's aim is to strengthen and amplify 
public media's education mission.


Other Activities & Services

The NETA Business Center saves licensee staff time and money by handling payroll, employee benefits, audit preparation, and CPB-AFR filing. Their services are available to any public media organization. (Business Center Web)

The Organization of State Broadcasting Executives (OSBE), formally organized in 1986, is an interstate collaborative composed of CEOs of public television agencies licensed to individual states, working on common concerns, and pooling resources for the common good. (Link to OSBE)

The Public Television Affinity Group Coalition (AGC) is, as its name implies, an association of groups working together to advance public television's service to the American people. The Small Station Association, the Major Market Group, the Independent Public Television Station Association (IPTSA)  which represents stations in overlapped markets, OSBE, and NETA are Coalition members. The Joint Licensee group, the University Licensees group and representatives of APTS, CPB, and PBS take part as well. (PTV-AGC Web)

NETA is headquartered in Columbia, SC. Come visit.