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Deep dive conversations, island paradise vibes!

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#101 Laurence Leamer
Bestselling author Laurence Leamer talks with Mattasher about his upcoming book, CAPOTE’S WOMEN. In a wide-ranging conversation, the two discuss social class, power, Truman Capote’s upbringing, the goal of marriage, and the importance of fashion and image through time. This episode begins with a visit to the colorful Hemingway House in Key West, where Leamer pays homage to one of his great mentors.

#102 Denver Rigglman
Mattasher talks with former congressman Denver Riggleman about his book, BIGFOOT… IT’S COMPLICATED, and his experience working for the government on national security. They discuss the role of incentives in the Bigfoot community, three letter agencies, magical thinking, and what may have been the worst honeymoon ever. To open the show Riggleman, who runs a whiskey distillery with his wife, tours the Hemingway Rum Company in Key West and savors their latest oak-barrel batches.

#103 Michael Strevens
Author and NYU professor Michael Strevens joins Mattasher to talk about his latest book, THE KNOWLEDGE MACHINE: HOW IRRATIONALITY CREATED MODERN SCIENCE. The two discuss his intriguing take on why science progressed so quickly during the enlightenment, what makes for a good theory, and the perils of doing experiments without regard to humanity. The episode begins with a visit to The Key West Butterfly & Nature Conservatory, where Strevens takes a private tour of this tropical paradise and greets Florida’s most famous flamingos, Rhett and Scarlett.

#104 Raul Malo
Grammy Award winning singer and songwriter Raul Malo joins Mattasher at Moray Bay for a discussion of his life and music. The former Mavericks front man begins with the fascinating story of his decade’s old guitar and ends with his powerful performance and interpretation of a song about the Cuban experience. This episode contains additional footage of Malo performing in concert at the famed San Carlos Institute in Key West.

#105 Alison Bechdel
Acclaimed graphic novelist Alison Bechdel talks with Mattasher about her books, including the bestseller FUN HOME, which became a Broadway smash hit, and is now a feature movie in production. They also discuss her latest graphic memoir, The Secret to Superhuman Strength, and her role in the culture with the long-lived “Bechdel test” of female representation in fiction. The episode begins with footage of Bechdel doing yoga on a custom paddleboard among the gorgeous Florida mangroves.

#106 Fifth Column
Mattasher invites the three hosts of the popular Fifth Column podcast out to Moray Bay for a wide-ranging conversation about politics, culture, sports, and a grab bag of other topics. This is a quick-moving, improv-style conversation where the guests blow a conch shell to join in. The Fifth Column guys, fresh off two sold out performances in Miami, begin their visit with a sunset cruise through the Florida Keys.

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