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Executive Content Managers


ECM LogoThe Executive Content Managers (ECM) was developed over the past two years to meet the needs of Chief Content Officers in public media. Inspired by the need to connect and learn from our peers, we put together a small working group of senior-level station content managers to help develop a mission statement, goals and guidelines for what the group aspires to be: 

To provide education and direction for public media content managers in order to effectively lead staff, promote the curation, production and distribution of high-quality content on all platforms to elevate local voices regionally and nationally. Executive Content Managers break silos, promote diversity and inclusion, and provide leadership within the public media system. 

As a start-up organization, we invite you to nominate the individual(s) at your station to apply for membership. The job title for executive content managers varies at stations. These positions are newly created or have been delegated to senior staff. For smaller stations, the GM may serve in this role and at larger stations, multiple staff members may qualify. To help you identify the individual(s) at your station to nominate, we have outlined the parameters for eligibility.


  • Member of station’s senior staff
    • An executive that reports directly to CEO or GM (or yourself)
    • Supervises multiple content departments (Digital, Education, Engagement, Marketing, News, Production, Programming, etc.)


  • Responsible for station’s holistic content strategy
    • Develops and greenlights content initiatives
    • Executive Producer of original content
    • Oversees broadcast schedule(s)


Submit Your Nominations


We will follow up with your nominee(s) with a welcome letter and link to sign up for membership.  The ECM’s virtual space will be on NETA’s Public Media Learns platform. There is a nominal annual membership fee of $100 to support the infrastructure for the group and potentially provide honorariums for guest speakers. 

Members will be invited to participate in quarterly all-member virtual meetings and more frequent smaller structured networking groups. Public Media Learns will provide a shared space for innovative work from other stations and opportunities for professional development.

As we launch this group publicly, we would like to thank the working group for providing insight and guidance in the development and activities of this cohort.  

  • Juan Devis, PBS SoCal 
  • Nancy Finken, NET 
  • Susie Hernandez, WNET 
  • Christina Melton, formerly of LPB
  • Jeff Tucker, Idaho Public Television
  • Darryl Ford Williams, WQED

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us. We are looking forward to your nominations. 

Amy ShumakerAssociate General Manager of Content, WGCU Public Media

Linda WeiChief Content Officer, Alaska Public Media

Angee SimmonsVice President of Content, NETA