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RTRG 0100 H1
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4 / 30
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Roadtrip Nation
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Travel through Texas with four groups of high school students as they explore their local regions of the state, interviewing professionals and college students alike about the paths they’ve taken to get to where they are in life. With some big decisions approaching on the horizon, the roadtrippers learn to expand their comfort zones—and their own sense of what’s possible. Short description (≤90 char): High school is a time to explore—so students in Texas hit the road to see what comes next. Medium description (≤140 char): All around Texas, people are crafting exciting careers in all sorts of fields. Four groups of students set out on the road to see how.

#101: Make Your Own Path
Three local students explore their futures on road trip through northwestern Texas. On a tour of Dyess Air Force Base, Major Cynthia McKenna inspires roadtripper Chyna to take a huge step toward her future. Shayla and Thomas learn about the unexpected routes they can take into the medical field, and see how the hurdles they’ve overcome have the power to make them into great caregivers.

(≤90 char) El Paso to Abilene: the roadtrippers talk career callings with a pilot and a pediatrician.
(≤140 char) A trip to Dyess Air Force Base, and advice from a doctor on overcoming negativity to keep moving forward.

#102: Allow Yourself Time
Three students set out on a road trip through the greater Austin area to discover real-world applications for their interests in business, STEM, and education. Stephanie shares common ground with biotechnology student Mauricio, Gavin gets advice on advocating for himself from a teacher with dyslexia, Susanna gets inspired by a startup CEO—and all three start to dream bigger than ever before.

(≤90 char) Stories from a nonprofit director, a teacher, and a startup CEO in Austin.
(≤140 char) In Austin, the roadtrippers talk to locals making an impact, and learn how to advocate for themselves while pursuing meaningful work.

#103: Keep Your Mind Open
On a road trip through Dallas, high school students Sophia, Sam, and Saba meet a photographer, a medtech CEO, and a lawyer-turned-wind energy pioneer who teach them success isn’t an end goal—it’s an evolving state of being. The team sees that if they put themselves out there, make connections, and keep open minds, they’ll be on the right track—and by taking this trip, they're already miles ahead.

(≤90 char) The Dallas roadtrippers speak with a wind energy pioneer and a photographer.
(≤140 char) Hearing stories from a wind energy pioneer and more, Dallas high schoolers realize that success is not a fixed point—it’s a state of being.

#104: Hold Onto Your Dream
In Houston, local high school students David, Korey, and Fatima discover new role models in a judge, a trauma nurse, and an FBI agent. They learn not only what it take to step into those professions, but also what it means to be a pillar of your community, go the extra mile to help your neighbors, and empathize with anyone. Plus, Korey gets some very exciting news about her future.

(≤90 char) The roadtrippers get motivated after visits to the FBI, a courthouse, and an art museum.
(≤140 char) What’s the difference between a job and a career? The roadtrippers gain some insight in Houston from an FBI agent, a judge, and a nurse.

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