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4 / 30
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Roadtrip Nation
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Follow three young adults interested in the world of insurance as they set out on a cross-country road trip to uncover what it means to make improbability your profession. Speaking with cyber risk managers, catastrophe modeling pioneers, entertainment brokers, and more, the roadtrippers discover a field evolving to meet the needs—and mitigate the risks—of an ever-changing world.

#101 All Bets Are Off
Roadtrippers Jenna, Alain, and Gaby set out in the green RV to speak with people who are confronting risk face-to-face every day. Starting in Boston, they meet Grace Ries, who’s helping companies mitigate cyber risks, and Karen Clark, who developed the first natural catastrophe model. Later, they watch the Boston fireworks show and Gaby, from Wales, experiences her first Fourth of July.

Short description (≤90 char):
The roadtrippers meet industry pioneers working in cyber risk and catastrophe modeling.

Medium description (≤140 char):
The road trip begins! First up in Boston: Grace Ries, cyber risk expert, and Karen Clark, catastrophe modeling pioneer.

#102 The World Is Your Oyster
As the road trip picks up speed, the team starts making some big breakthroughs. Laura Woop, director of risk management at Tiffany & Co., teaches Jenna about the upside of risk. A stop in Niagara Falls shows Gaby an exciting new side of America. And Alain sees how the insurance world combines work and play when the team attends a music festival with David Shotts, insurer of concerts and events.

Short description (≤90 char):
The team bonds as they explore ways to integrate more fun into their future careers.

Medium description (≤140 char):
Niagara Falls leaves the team in awe; then they attend a Chicago music festival with David Shotts, who helps insure concerts and events.

#103 What Are The Odds?
After several leaders tell them to embrace failure, the roadtrippers feel empowered to take more risks in their personal and professional lives. In Denver, they go rock climbing and play a high-stakes board game. Then, in Salt Lake City, the three get inspired by Cameron Allen, a broker who specializes in insuring outdoor sports industries, and they decide to try zip lining.

Short description (≤90 char):
The roadtrippers explore risk first-hand while zip lining and rock climbing.

Medium description (≤140 char):
Feeling emboldened to embrace more risk, the roadtrippers try out rock climbing and zip lining, and bond over a high-stakes board game.

#104 Look For The Risk-Takers
The roadtrippers reach San Francisco, where they meet Lyft’s VP of Risk Solutions Kate Sampson, who left a successful career to join the ridesharing startup, and Harvard business professor Mihir Desai, who explains why we should all be missing more flights. As the trip comes to a close, Gaby, Jenna, and Alain reflect on why they’re ready to say “yes” to the things that scare them.

Short description (≤90 char):
Final interviews, and why staying open to chance—and risking missteps—is essential.

Medium description (≤140 char):
The journey comes to a close with Lyft’s Kate Sampson and Harvard professor Mihir Desai talking risk-taking and challenging the status quo.

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