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Bring your paintings to life with popular workshop instructor, best-selling author and television personality Jerry Yarnell! Jerry has made painting a pleasure--and a success--for thousands of artists, both beginner and experienced alike. He delivers fine art compositions in his signature teaching style. Following Jerry's clear and friendly instructions, viewers will learn how to paint beautiful heartfelt paintings that capture not only awesome beauty, but also a feeling of peace and well-being. Jerry helps viewers channel that same sense of ease by guiding them confidently every step and stroke of the way. These are the kinds of paintings--and the kind of teacher--that will keep artists wanting to continuously learn more. A pioneer with 30 years as a TV host, he is most proud of his latest 10 years whereby Jerry’s new branding name “Paint This with Jerry Yarnell®” has catapulted his newest and greatest instructional materials well beyond the limits of what he experienced in his earlier TV shows. Jerry is honored for the opportunity to bring his viewers and students the best of his best work ever!

#3101 Old Faithful, Part 1
Acrylic on 18x24 stretched canvas. In this opening segment, Jerry talks with his viewer about the awesome beauty and power in nature and encourages his viewers to visit Yellowstone and Old Faithful. Then he discusses his canvas choice and preparation. Now he shows his reference material and how to create a composite using multiple photos. Then takes his soft vine charcoal and makes a rough sketch of the main composition. He then finishes by painting phase one of the sky and distant trees.

#3102, Old Faithful, Part 2
In this segment, Jerry starts the finishing phase of the sky and background. Then he begins the process of underpainting the middle and foreground areas. He discusses the issue of glazing to create softness. Then paints in final highlights and details in the middle and foreground areas. He finishes by explaining the compositional layout of Old Faithful as it begins to release its steam and gases.

#3103 Old Faithful, Part 3
In episode 3, Jerry continues highlighting the foreground rock area with multiple colors and various brighter highlights and details. Now he explains how to mix a specific color of gray for the underpainting of the mist and gasses from the geyser. Now he shows how to use the #6 bristle brush to underpaint the formations of the geyser. He ends by explaining how to layer the light values to create the cloud-like formations.

#3104 Old Faithful, Part 4
In this final episode, Jerry continues layering the highlights on the explosion of mist and gases from the geyser. He explains how to carefully layer the highlights to create the progression of lighter values. Then shows how to create a very bright white to cap the multi-layered formations. Then he finishes by using the toothbrush to splatter the rock formation with various colors.

#3105 Beside Still Waters, Part 1
Acrylic Painting on18x24 stretched canvas. In this opening segment, Jerry explains the process of creating a memory painting without the use of reference material -- other than a rough “memory” sketch of things you have seen as you travel. He then explains and lays out the composition and begins blocking in the sky and distant trees and other background areas. He also discusses the loose impressionistic brush strokes and techniques he will be using.

#3106 Beside Still Waters, Part 2
In the session, Jerry continues the underpainting process by blocking in the water and various areas of land masses. He then blocks in the tree trunks of some of the distant trees and begins highlighting and detailing the background areas in preparation for re-sketching and underpainting the bridge. Now he underpaints the bridge, pathway, and darker grasses along the shoreline.

#3107 Beside Still Waters, Part 3
In this episode Jerry begins the refinement phase of detailing and highlighting the grasses and other areas. Now he underpaints the rocks along the edge of the banks and paints in some of the reflections of the grasses and rocks along the shoreline. Then he underpaints the larger tree trunks and reflections of the trunks.

#3108 Beside Still Waters, Part 4
In the episode, Jerry shows his viewers how to paint the stones and miscellaneous details on the bridge. He continues by painting in the form highlights on the rocks along the shoreline and on the large tree trunks. He continues by adding additional tree limbs and miscellaneous intermediate details along shoreline and pathway.

#3109 Beside Still Waters, Part 5
In this final segment, Jerry takes his viewers through the process of adding all final details and highlights. He adds the miscellaneous clumps of grasses, weeds, and brush to seat the bridge, trees, and rocks. Then adds the leaves on the large trees. He finishes up by putting a horizontal glaze on the water to make it appear more wet. Then uses the script brush to apply the taller weeds throughout the painting.

#3110 Hide and Seek, Part 1
Acrylic Painting on18x24 stretched canvas. In this episode, Jerry discusses the size, shape, and preparation of his canvas. Then talks about the reference material and how to compose a painting from memory. Then he shows how to create the proper underpainting mixture for the shadow of the snow and how to properly apply it. Then he finishes by showing how to dry-brush in phase one of the contour of the snowdrifts and create the proper composition.

#3111 Hide and Seek, Part 2
In this episode, Jerry continues showing how to form and highlight the snowdrifts using brighter glazes of white. He then shows how to use smaller brushes to highlight the raised areas. He then shows how to add touches of orange to the white to create a soft bright highlight for the tops of the drifts. He now finishes by taking the #10 chisel-edge brush and underpaints some of the main clumps of grass.

#3112 Hide and Seek, Part 3
In this episode, Jerry continues underpainting the base grass clumps. Then he shows how to use the #6 chisel-edge brush to paint in the taller, thicker weeds. Then shows how to seat the grass clumps by drifting snow at the base. Then he adds the taller skinny weeds with the #4 sable script brush. Now he shows how to paint in the bright sunlit weeds. Then he finishes by using the #4 round sable brush to paint in the extreme bright snowdrift at the base of the clumps.

#3113 Hide and Seek, Part 4
In the final episode of this series, Jerry shows how to underpaint the rabbit. Then shows how to detail and highlight the rabbit with subtle tones to make him appear hidden. Jerry now finishes by using the #4 sable script brush to add the final taller weeds and highlights to the grasses and snowdrifts.

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