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Jeff Golden
Southern Oregon Public Television (SOPTV)
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Host Jeff Golden showcases guests whose programs and projects are solving challenges that old systems can't, and inspire viewers to take action on things they care about.

#101 Vandana Shiva
No one is better known around the globe—and, perhaps, more beloved—than Dr. Vandana Shiva for championing sustainable agriculture, whole nourishing food, thriving local economies, and action-based respect for the natural world. We have the pleasure of a relaxed half hour conversation with her.

#102 David Suzuki: Still On Fire At 80
Not long ago Canadians chose geneticist, public television host and perennial environmental activist David Suzuki as the most admired living Canadian. In our conversation days after his 80th birthday we discover that his energy, eloquence and fiery passion to heal the planet’s human-inflicted wounds has not dimmed in the least.

#103 - Generational Equity
“A society grows great,” according to a Greek proverb, “when its elders plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.” That’s the touchstone of SAGE, Senior Advocates for Generational Equity. Their founder exchanges perspectives with millennial leaders of Oregon Climate and Generation Waking Up.

#104 Horses That Heal
“Horses,” in the words of Australian poet Pam Brown, “lend us the wings we lack.” A growing number of equine therapy programs are channeling the quietly profound power of horses to help people with mental, physical and emotional challenges. It is very close to magic.

#105 Restorative Justice
A huge but quiet shift is underway in a growing number of public schools. The practitioners of restorative justice are helping kids adopt respectful, accountable, remarkably wise ways of relating with others, making their personal relationships and communities stronger and safer. This investment will yield huge returns over the years.

#106 Soaring With The Boy Who Flies
Godfrey Masauli, the one and only paraglider pilot in his native Malawi, visits Oregon to sharpen his skills both in the air, and on the ground as a messenger of possibility. He wants children in his country to dare to follow their dreams, as he did in becoming “The Boy Who Flies.” His story and the film that captures it are, yes, powerfully uplifting.

#107 Tiny Homes Part I: A “Giant Journey”
Tiny homes, one of the fastest-growing trends in construction. As our thoughtfully passionate guests from and Tiny Houses, Giant Journey tell us, this is about more than square footage. In a culture of unbounded consumption, this movement is evoking a deep and broadly-shared yearning,

#108 Tiny Homes, Part Ii: Possibility For The Homeless?
Now that pioneers have worked most of the bugs out of tiny homes, advocates for the homeless are exploring them as an Immense Possibility for their movement. In part II, we get a powerful invitation to put ourselves in the shoes of the homeless, particularly the young so-called “travelers,” and a tour from the creator of pilot tiny house settlements for the homeless.

#109 The Pipeline Rebellion
Climate change concerns and the pushback against corporate seizure of private property have fused to unite old foes in battling new fossil-fuel energy projects. Our guests describe their 10-year struggle to stop a Canadian corporation from building a pipeline across 280 miles of forests and streams in order to deliver natural gas to a proposed export terminal on the Oregon coast.

#110 Generosity’s Rewards
Sparrow Clubs - children rallying around their peers in need; a visit with the Center for a New American Dream; Frances Moore Lappé, whose work helped inspire the founding of Immense Possibilities.

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