Biology: From Molecules to Man is a special program under the auspices of The HistoryMakers ScienceMakers initiative taped live at the Center of Science and
Industry (CoSI) in Columbus, Ohio on February 26, 2010. The program features a collection ofprominent African American scientists that includes Brown University’s Wayne Bowen, Emory University’s George Jones, The Ohio State University Medical Center’s Kwame Osei, and the University of California, San Francisco’s John Watson. Moderated by WBNS news anchor Jerry Revish, the program focuses on life from brain cells to fungus to the human heart. Each featured scientist provides a compelling summary of their work before answering questions as a panel about their life, their work, and their numerous accomplishments. Topics covered include the scientist’s role as African American scientists, being role models, the role of science and math in
youth education and the future of science. Videotaped short sessions with each individual
scientist featuring students from local Columbus schools Afrocentric Early College and Linden McKinley Middle/High School are also included.