Program Distribution

Our program distribution service has national reach.

NETA offers a simple, nation-wide program distribution service to our members, to other public television stations, and to independent producers.

For Our Members, the handling fee for distributing high-definition programs is significantly discounted, a benefit of your NETA membership.

For Independent Producers, or producers at non-member stations, a nominal handling fee is involved.


Show Us Your Program

The NETA Program Service delivers 1,200+ program-hours a year via the public TV interconnection to every CSG-qualified public television licensee in the United States.

See our latest program offers.

Some NETA programs are included in the CREATE and WORLD program services as well.

To start, click on the Submittable button below to tell us all about your project.

Program Support
How NETA connects your program to public TV stations
  • We send your complete program information ("the program offer") to every station in the system -- all 350+ -- via myPBS.org, the proprietary PTV intranet, as well as to an email list of nearly 200 public TV programming and traffic people.

  • We make your program information available through the NETA online program catalog, for programmer reference throughout the rights period.

  • We include your program in the satellite feed schedules used at every public television station.

  • We promote your program in a timely manner on NETAOnline.org on a space-available basis.
Here are some ideas for promoting your program directly to the program managers:
  • Send a postcard, a press kit, or a letter to the program managers. We can provide you with pre-addressed mailing labels. Sorry, we do not share mailing lists.

  • Take an ad in Current,  public media's primary news source. Their reach --in print, online, and newsletters --is exactly what you want to raise visibility and build carriage for your content.

  • Go to meetings. There are conferences and meetings all year where your program could benefit from exposure. We can advise you of their schedule. Our own annual professional development conference is an excellent opportunity for program promotion. (2019 NETA conference web)

  • Post pictures. Send us your copyrighted images as electronic files and we'll make them available for stations to download and use on their Webs and in their program magazines. See image guidelines at right.

  • Get professional help. We can recommend stations relations professionals for hire, people whose time and expertise can yield terrific program carriage. Just ask.
And at NETA, no revenue sharing. Any ancillary income is yours,100%.



As a producer, you know how important copyright royalties are. NETA works with Ted Hammerman at Intermediary Copyright Royalty Services to help you claim the monies due when your program is broadcast and carried on cable.
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We believe that diversity is public media's strength.


Guidelines for Producers



High-resolution (300 dpi +) for print; lower resolution (72 dpi) for online use.
Complete copyright info and a brief caption to explain or identify the image. (NETA will not post an image without proper attribution.)
File types: Photographic images as JPEG, EPS or TIFF files.
Logos and line art as GIF, PNG, or JPEG files.
Programming Staff
Angee Simmons, Vice President, Content 803-978-1573
Bob Petts, Director, Content & Digital Strategy 803-978-1566
Greg Tillou, Senior Director, Network Operations 803-978-1574
Alex Flamos, Content & Operations Assistant 803-799-6930


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