Our newest program offers
European Christmas Markets
Featuring music from The Kingston Trio
Feeds Wednesday, November 13 @ 1200 - 1230ET/HD04 sIX
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Christmas on the Danube
The holidays in Vienna, Budapest, Salzburg and more
Feeds Wednesday, November 13 @ 1230 - 1300ET/HD04 sIX
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Magic of Christmas in Alsace
Unique traditions, celebrations, food, and wine
Feeds Wednesday, November 13 @ 1030 - 1100ET/HD04 sIX
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Flight of the Frigate Bird:  An Omen of Rising Seas
Strong storms and rising oceans are affecting coastal life
Feeds Wednesday, November 6 @ 1030 - 1100ET/HD04 sIX
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Same God
Exploring the growing rifts between evangelicals
Feeds Saturday, November 16 @ 1700 - 1830ET/HD04 sIX
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Music & Might:  Above and Beyond the Call of Duty
A majestic display of patriotic pride
Feeds Wednesday, October 30 @ 1130 – 1230ET/HD044 sIX NRT
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Rooted in Peace
Stopping the cycle of violence
Feeds Friday, November 8 @ 1600 - 1700ET/HD04 sIX
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The Wall's Embrace
Narrated by Jimmy Buffett
Feeds Thursday October 24 @ 1630 - 1700ET/DH04 sIX
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The artistic journeys and voices of three top emerging artists
Feeds Friday November 8 @ 1230 - 1300ET/HD04 sIX
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Small Town Cops
A changing job in a complex world
Feeds Friday November 8 @ 1400 - 1500ET/HD04 sIX
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