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HAPPY YOGA with Sarah Starr - 700 series

HAPPY YOGA with Sarah Starr - 700 series

Feeds on #701 - #705  Tuesday, October 27 @ 1300 – 1530ET/HD04  (BLOCK FEED)   sIX
Feeds on #706 – 710  Tuesday, November 3 @ 1300 – 1530ET/HD04  (BLOCK FEED)   sIX


Relax and recharge while enjoying the beauty of nature’s most tranquil and scenic settings with certified yoga instructor Sarah Starr. Enjoy a variety of yoga sessions as Sarah guides viewers through an accessible practice using a chair for support and intermediate yoga sessions, taking your practice to the mat. Receive yoga’s rejuvenating benefits as you relax and tone your body, increase flexibility, improve your breathing habits and posture, while enhancing your overall well-being. Enjoy a yoga practice that is invigorating, fun and accessible, but most of all effective.


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