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Lessons from the Real World

Lessons from the Real World

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Many people feel our public schools are failing, or at best, muddling through. What to do about this critical issue has almost exclusively focused on the efforts to improve test scores in core subjects like math and reading. Yet, Lessons From the Real World, a very timely documentary from award-winning producer Bob Gliner (Schools That Change Communities, One Carbon Footprint At A Time) contends, like many educators, that focusing on test scores to improve student achievement is looking in the wrong place. Learning to read, do math and other subjects will happen if students care about what they are learning, rather than drilling them with subject matter largely divorced from their real lives. This engaging documentary provides a first hand look at K‐12 schools and classes that weave community and societal problem solving through their curriculum, both inside and outside the classrooms, as a way of both preparing students for active participation in democratic society, as well as motivating them to learn basic skills as part of a meaningful educational experience.


Lessons From the Real World, a highly informative and entertaining documentary, filled with a diverse range of articulate teachers, students and lessons will surely bring much needed attention to a long neglected and critical aspect of the debate around public education


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