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Great Decisions in Foreign Policy - 1100 series

Great Decisions in Foreign Policy - 1100 series
Feeds Thursdays beginning January 9 @ 1500 - 1530ET/HD04   sIX
The acclaimed global affairs documentary series returns this season,
Featuring 10 half-hour narrated documentaries which help viewers make their own “Great Decisions” on
the critical global issues facing America today. Narrated by Academy Award-nominated actor, David

Great Decisions documentaries provide context and expose viewers to competing perspectives on America’s foreign policy challenges from over 100 experts and policymakers so they can make their own “Great Decision” about whom they agree with. Great Decisions is a component of America’s largest foreign policy discussion program by the same name. Hundreds of thousands of participants meet across the country in libraries, houses of worship, community centers and universities to share their perspectives and listen to others' views on the way forward for America.
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