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Leaning Out

Leaning Out
Feeds Friday, April 26  @ 1500 - 1600ET/HD04   sIX
The lead structural engineer of the World Trade Center oversees the construction of the world’s tallest towers, haunted by their fall ever since. Families of 9/11 victims demand answers. This unique bond with humanity solidifies his place in American history.
An intimate look into the life and work of Leslie E Robertson, a legendary engineer in high-rise design and cultural centers across the globe.  About innovation, wind engineering at its inception and visionary collaborations. Highlighting transformative towers from Madrid, Shanghai, and Seoul to the Miho Museum Bridge in Japan. Yet Robertson is driven by his fight for human rights as a pacifist and activist and a powerful union with accomplished engineer and partner SawTeen See, a woman who emboldened the man she loved, expanded his worldview and ultimately saved him.
A neglected story about fulfillment, fragility, and a fighting spirit, with a perspective like no other on the planet. Told by the guru himself and those closest to him.
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