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Focusing the Universe

Focusing the Universe
Feeds Wednesday January 9 @ 1130 - 1200ET/HD04   sIX
Focusing the Universe tells part of the story of modern astronomy by detailing the development of Steward Observatory. From stars observed through one telescope in Tucson, to the construction of the largest telescope mirrors for the largest earth-based telescope, to precision cameras launched into space to search for the origins of the big bang, astronomers linked to Steward Observatory have made significant world-wide contributions to the exploration of the universe.
The program features two timely and relevant astronomical developments; the launch of the James Webb Space telescope (designed to search for the origins of the Big Bang) set for launch March 30, 2021 and the creation of mirrors for the Giant Magellan telescope (set to be the largest terrestrial telescope when it gathers first light in 2021).
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