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Dashboards & Newsletters: Another Analytics Webinar

Dashboards & Newsletters: Another Analytics Webinar

(April 2019) - Analytics is a buzzword everyone throws about these days. This webinar offered useful ways of measuring and using data on how our viewers, followers, and other audiences consume the information and content we make available to them.

Key objectives:

  • Provide examples of building a digital dashboard to consolidate data from various sources
  • Discuss how data gleaned from a digital dashboard can be used
  • Explore the use of analytics regarding e-newsletters

MiChelle Jones, communications manager at Nashville Public Television, and Carole J. Burns, digital content manager at Milwaukee PBS, co-hosted this webinar, joined by:

  • Dale Fisher, digital media manager at KETC/Nine Network/St. Louis
  • Cameron Risher, director of communications at Nebraska Educational Telecommunications

Here's the recording: LINK
And here are the SLIDES.

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