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Rescan Day - Communications & Lessons Learned

Rescan Day - Communications & Lessons Learned

(August 16, 2018) Nine Network was among the first television stations in the country to repack its broadcast channel as a result of last year's spectrum auction. They installed a new transmitter and antenna that substantially increased their signal strength in households across the St. Louis, Missouri region.

But there were challenges.  How did they warn a segment of their audience that they were about to lose the old signal? And how did they handle the difficult conversations with viewers who were struggling to get them back?  The technical upgrades gave them an opportunity to gain viewers who might have had trouble receiving Nine Network in the past.

On hand in this webinar:

  • Matt Huelskamp, director of marketing and communications
  • Dale Fisher, digital media manager
  • Ernmardia "Ernie" Crowder, member/viewer services representative

Jennifer Amend from WyomingPBS anchored this NETA Communications Council presentation.

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