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How Education Builds Station Cume: Counting Invisible Audiences

How Education Builds Station Cume: Counting Invisible Audiences

(March 22, 2018)  Long-standing metrics provided by Nielsen and others do not measure audiences for stations’ education, outreach and in-person events and initiatives. With a number of web and social metrics measuring traffic in place, how do you start to account for growing audiences for streamed education content – to define your true audience?  

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TRAC Media Services proposes a ‘Total Audience Model’ to move the measurement of digital, social, viewer services, outreach, education, and broadcast ratings onto a unified playing field. This webinar will demonstrate that when educational audiences are counted in the same way as digital, social, and outreach, the results reveal significant, larger audiences (i.e. your true total audience).   

• Dr. David LeRoy, founder, TRAC Media
• Keith York, director of business development, TRAC Media
• Dr. Niki Bates, educational media services director, Vegas PBS

For stations that subscribe to Nielsen’s ratings services, and for those that do not, your total reach into the communities you serve will grow significantly by adding your ‘counts’ into a ‘Total Audience’ report.
To do this, TRAC Media Services proposes definitions and guidelines for proper counting to assess all local reach/interactions that will likely gross up into paradigm-shifts in regional and national service metrics.




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